WoW Classic Warlock Shadow Resist Gear

Warlock Twin Emps Set

Reprint of the document on 05.28.2020, Phase 4 (Pre Aq) Correction and weapon, off hand, wand added.
Note 20.08.2020 : In Twins Room we have a debuff of -25 Shadow Resist

Shadow Resist Gear

Total maximum shadow resistance with this stuff: 278 shadow resistance
Some other items are possible (trinket, weapon). You can add them in comments please

Shadow Resist Buffs

  1. Master Demonologist + 60 SR
  2. Demon Armor + 15 SR
  3. Prayer of Shadow Protection + 60 SR
  4. Gift of Arthas + 10 SR
  5. Crystal Basilisk Spine +10 SR
  6. Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Resistance +25 SR
  7. Mark of the Wild +20 SR / +27 SR

Cumulative total of buffs = 207 SR

The maximum possible is therefore: 485 SR
The theoretical target being 315 SR

Note that this includes the pre AQ stuff, at AQ some items have better shadow resistance. All of this without the resistance flask.

French Version:

Réédition du document le 28.05.2020, Phase 4 (Pré Aq) Correctif et arme , off hand, wand ajouté.
Note 20.08.2020 : Dans la pièce des Twins il y a un débuff de -25 RO

Équipement de Résistance aux Ombres

Total de résistance à l’ombre maximum avec ce stuff : 278 de résistance à l’ombre
Quelques autres objet sont possible (bijou, arme). Vous pouvez les ajouter en commentaires svp

Buff RO

  1. Maître démonologue + 60 RO
  2. Armure démoniaque + 15 RO
  3. Prière de protection contre l’Ombre + 60 RO
  4. Don d’Arthas + 10 RO
  5. Queue de basilic de cristal +10 RO
  6. Sombre prédiction de résistance de Sayge +25 RO
  7. Marque du fauve +20 RO / +27 RO

Total cumulé des buffs = 207 RO

Le maximum possible est donc de : 485 RO
La cible théorique étant de 315 RO

A savoir que cela comprend le stuff pré AQ, à AQ certains items ont une meilleur résistance à l’ombre. De plus tout cela sans la flask.


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3 years ago

Nice write up man. I think Nymis would like to have a look at this.

3 years ago

Very nice! Thank you for this!
I have been looking around and found some things about what gear to go for but this one is very nice and with added bonus on what buffs you can get!
I do have a side question though about the engineer trinket.
I think I have the answer but figured to verify before trying to buy them or have them made…it says required engineer.
I am tailor and mining, so can i still wear it for the resist? And the on use affect I cant unless i am an engineer…is that how it works?

I did notice you didnt add mark of the wild in the buffs list.

Mark of the Wild Magic
Increases armor by 285, all attributes by 12 and all resistances by 20.
30 minutes remaining

3 years ago

you must be engineer for equip the 2 reflector

Are you sure?

I see it as the blood vine gear.
Any profession character can wear it but only tailoring gets the 3 piece set bonus since it says Requires Tailoring like this trinket.

Worst case i can have someone make it for me and if i can equip it, great, if not i can just put it on the AH and make my money back

3 years ago

If it helps our loot tool also allows to show all dungeon drops in the game filtered by resistances. We’re still working on getting it integrated into the site better so there is no styling at the moment.
For example:

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