How to Get Verigan’s Fist in Season of Discovery

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Verigan’s Fist is often skipped for leveling Paladins. The quest for this weapon can be started at level 20, but requires you to visit The Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Blackfathom Deeps, and Loch Modan for weapon you’ll use for 10 or so levels. Season of Discovery breathes new life into the iconic hammer. At level 25 there is only one higher DPS weapon available, and that is Deadly Strike of the Hydra from the final boss of Blackfathom Deeps. As you will almost certainly be doing all of the required dungeons while either leveling or gearing, there is no reason not to finish this quest chain along the way.

The Tome(s) of Valor

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To start this chain, visit Duthorian Rall in the Stormwind Cathedral or Brandur Ironhammer in Ironforges Mystic Ward. They will start and finish the quest The Tome of Valor, providing you with The Tome of Valor(item). Read this Tome to start the next quest, also called The Tome of Valor. Your next task is to find Daphne Stilwell in Westfall.

daphnes farm

She is very out of the way, found at the most southern coast of Westfall. If you head to the southwest corner you should be able to spot the small road leading to her farm. Speak to her to turn in the Tome of Valor, and pick up the next quest, The Tome of Valor. As soon as you pick this quest up, a handful of Defias enemies will spawn, attacking both Daphne and you. A few waves will spawn, so make sure you heal up as much as possible between fights.

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Once the fighting has stopped, speak to Daphne and hand in The Tome of Valor, picking up the next quest, The Tome of Valor. This quest will ask you to return to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind. Finishing this quest rewards you with the spell Sense Undead and the Bastion of Stormwind, an alright shield for this level range, as well as the next part of the chain, The Test of Righteousness.

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The Test of Righteousness

Your new task is to head over to Ironforge and speak to Jordan Stilwell. Simply head over to the Dwarven District and catch the Deeprun Tram over. Jordan Stilwell is stood just outside the entrance to Ironforge. Hand in your quest to him to receive The Test of Righteousness.

jordan stilwell

This quest asks you to track down Whitestone Oak Lumber, Jordan’s Refined Ore Shipment, Jordan’s Smithing Hammer, and a Purified Kor Gem. These are the materials Jordan will need to craft you a weapon worthy of a Paladin. You can start with whichever part you want, but two of the items will require you to head into dungeons, so you will want to bring a group.

Whitestone Oak Lumber

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This will require you to head into The Deadmines. As Alliance finding a group shouldn’t be an issue, and you will no doubt already have the Westfall flight path available.

Whitestone Oak Lumber drops exclusively from Goblin Woodcarvers, found in the Lumber Mill room of the dungeon. At level 25 you could likely obtain this item solo, but there are plenty of items available in The Deadmines worth getting, so why not bring a group anyway?

The drop rate is fairly high, and you are almost certain to get a drop before the room is cleared, more often than not you will only need to kill one Goblin for it to drop.

Jordan’s Refined Ore Shipment

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To get this you will need to visit Bailor Stonehand in Thelsamar. He offers the quest Bailor’s Ore Shipment, requesting you grab Jordan’s Ore Shipment from the Mo’Grosh Stronghold to the northeast.

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Jordan’s Ore Shipment is a crate found outside the caves in the valley, surrounded by Elite Ogres. This is absolutely soloable, especially at level 25, but if you are doing this right at level 20 you might want to rope in a friend. Bring the shipment back to Bailor Stonehand to receive Jordan’s Refined Ore Shipment.

Jordan’s Smithing Hammer

Another dungeon item, this time you will need to head into Shadowfang Keep, in Silverpine Forest. There is no quick and easy way to get here outside of being summoned, so put your running shoes on.

how to get to shadowfang keep as alliance season of discovery

Head to the Wetlands from Ironforge. If you don’t have the flight path, you will have to either attempt a death skip through the mountains, or go on foot through Loch Modan. The North Gate in Dun Morogh will take you closer to where you need to go, but the South Gate will take you past Thelsamar, giving you the chance to pick up a flight path. From Wetlands, head north into Arathi Highlands, then west through Hillsbrad Foothills and into Silverpine Forest. Make sure you grab all the flight paths on your way, you don’t want to have to make this run twice.

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Inside the dungeon you will find Jordan’s Smithing Hammer on top of a crate in the stables. You may be able to solo your way here at level 25, but once again, why do that when you probably need loot from later bosses anyway?

Purified Kor Gem

For this you will need to head to Auberdine, in Darkshore. Find Thundris Windweaver and pick up the quest Seeking the Kor Gem. This quest tasks you to get a Corrupted Kor Gem from the Blackfathom Deep caverns, outside of the instance. This item will not drop unless you have the quest, so make sure you pick it up first.

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In regular Classic this is not a particularly difficult task, but in Season of Discovery these enemies are now all level 25 Elites. The Blackfathom Oracles and Blackfathom Tide Priestesses are the enemies you are looking for, and can be found scattered throughout the cave. The Corrupted Kor Gem has a fairly low drop rate, so you may be here for a while!

blackfathom oracles

Once it drops, bring it back to Thundris Windweaver to receive your Purified Kor Gem. Bring all four pieces back to Jordan Stilwell outside of Ironforge and turn in The Test of Righteousness, grabbing the followup The Test of Righteousness.

Receiving the Hammer

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On picking up the final iteration of The Test of Righteousness, Jordan will head to his anvil to smith a weapon fit for the Silver Hand. Once he is done, turn in the quest and receive Verigan’s Fist for your trouble.


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