How to Get and Use Worldcore Fragments in Season of Discovery Phase 3

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In Season of Discovery Phase 3, Warlocks can use Worldcore Fragments to eventually earn the Backdraft Rune. In this guide, we’ll explain what Worldcore Fragments are, where to get them, and how to use them to get yourself a brand new rune.

What is a Worldcore Fragment?

Worldcore Fragments are used to attune Ley Crystals — doing so summons a mob, and you can kill the mob to collect an item. Doing this four times in four specific locations will let you earn the Backdraft Rune.

How to Get Worldcore Fragments

Worldcore Fragments are a drop from Otherworldly Treasure. You can find Otherworldly Treasure by sending an Explorer Imp into a Fel Portal.

For details on Explorer Imps, see our Explorer Imp Guide — you can also learn more about Fel Portals in our Fel Portal Guide.

How to Use Worldcore Fragments

Once you have a Worldcore Fragment, you can head to a Leyline Conflux. There, you can use the Worldcore Fragment on the Leyline Conflux to spawn an Enraged Leywalker — defeat this level 47 elite and it will drop one of four unique Leycrysts. Here are the locations of the Leyline Confluxes:


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