WoW Classic Love Is in the Air Guide

Wow Classic Love Is In The Air Guide
  • Author: OrinDac
  • Date: February 11, 2020
  • Updated: October 10, 2020
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

The most important thing to remember about the Love is in the Air event in WoW Classic is that it bears almost no resemblance to the holiday event of the same name in the contemporary version of the game.  Just after the end of Wrath of the Lich King, Love is in the Air had a major overhaul and the developers completely changed all of the interactive elements of the event.  It is therefore recommended by both the writer of this guide, and by Blizzard Entertainment, to ignore all that you know regarding the event as it stands in the retail game and approach the Classic event as a different animal completely.

With that in mind, what follows is a comprehensive guide on how to navigate your way through the Love is in the Air event in Classic WoW.

There are pretty much two main things to do in Classic Love is in the Air;  Collect City tokens to obtain gift and gift collections, and the Dangerous Love quest line.  We’ll start with the more obvious and easier to complete task.

Part One:  Love is…not so free

The first order of business is to get yourself adored – and not by just one person mind you, we’re looking to woo the entire city, nay your entire FACTION during Love is in the Air.  There’s only one sure fire way to attract that many people into adoring you:  Cheap Cologne and Greeting Cards.

Ok, so the basic principal here is that you start off by spending a little copper at an innkeeper to pick up some Love Tokens and some bottles of either Cologne or Perfume, or both.  You put on your fragrance of choice and approach a guard or other NPC citizen.  If you are wearing cologne, then female NPCs with show interest, if perfume, then males.  Either way, when you approach an NPC wait for a heart to appear over their heads, when it does, click on them to open a dialogue box that allows you to offer them a Love Token.

When you do this, one of two things will happen, depending on which type of NPC you chose to woo.  Guards will give you Pledge of Adoration, while other NPCs will offer you a Gift of Adoration.  Both Pledges and Gifts will correspond to whatever city you are in.

In addition, you will be bestowed with the buff Adored, which prevents you from receiving Pledges or Gifts of Adoration.  While the buff is active (1 hour duration) you will instead receive Pledges or Gifts of Friendship.  You may only receive a Gift or Pledge of Adoration once per hour, until Adored has worn off.

Anytime you receive a Gift or Pledge of Adoration, you may receive any of the following:

Anytime you attempt to woo an NPC after the first, Guard or Citizen, you also have the chance to become Heartbroken.  This is a Debuff similar to Adored, accept that you will receive neither Pledge, nor Gift of Adoration.  The good news is that Heartbroken, unlike Adored can be cured using an Unbestowed Friendship Bracelet.  The better news is that this nasty debuff can even be cured by a member of the opposing faction, because even if love isn’t free, it’s still blind.

Part 2:  Candy is Dandy, but Collections Win Affections

You’re probably wondering why you’d want to receive Gifts and Pledges of Friendship, because it’s better to be adored than to be liked, right?  Well, to complete the second half of this crazy thing we call Love is in the Air event, you’re going to need friends and a lot of them.

As stated above, while you are Adored, you do not receive Gifts or Pledges of Adoration, but instead receive Gifts and/or Pledges of Friendship.  The same rule applies with respect to which NPCs will give you which kind of rewards: Pledges from Guards, and Gifts from Citizens, but instead of a wide variety of items, from any of the NPCs, Gifts and Pledges are specific to whatever main city’s citizens you are wooing.  In addition, Guards offer special items called Guard Cards.  What follows is a breakdown of each main city’s Gifts and Pledges.



You can combine five of each item from a given city into its associated stack item and in turn combine one stack item each to create that city’s Gift Friendship Collection.

Example:  One Box of Woodcrafts, one Darnassus Pledge Collection and one Stack of Cards will create the Darnassus Gift of Friendship.

These Gifts of Friendship can themselves be used in one of two ways; Either as a temporary buff, or to create faction gift collections.  Each city’s gift of friendship offers a +30 stat buff when used.

  • Darnassus and Orgrimmar Gifts of Friendship give +30 to Agility
  • Stormwind and Undercity Gifts of Friendship give +30 to Intellect
  • Ironforge and Thunder Bluff Gifts of Friendship give +30 to Stamina

-OR- You can combine to Gifts of Friendship from Darnassus, Stormwind and Ironforge, or Orgrimmar, Undercity and Thunder Bluff to create Alliance Gift Collection and Horde Gift Collection respectively.

You can then use the Alliance or Horde Gift Collections to complete this part of the Love is in the Air event, by voting for your favorite faction leader.  Next to each faction leader in any of these cities you will find Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, who offers the quest Gift Giving, allowing you to turn in your faction’s Gift Collection to cast your vote.  In addition to making your voice known, you will also receive another Box of Chocolates, as well as either a Handful of Rose Petals – OR – ( and way cooler ) a Truesilver Shafted Arrow.  The latter of which allows you to summon to Cupid inspired Goblin.

The winner of the faction leader popularity contest will win the honor of having Kwee Q. Peddlefeet nearby for an additional week after the Love is in the Air event is finished.  During this time, if you blow a kiss to Kwee, he will bestow upon you a buff that increases your HP by 200 for 1 hour.

That wraps up the festivities, let’s move on to something a little more…dangerous.

Part 3:  Danger Zone!

The Dangerous Love quest line for the Love is in the Air event begins with the lead-in “Dearest” quests that can be acquired in every main city.  While they do lead you to the NPC at the beginning of the Dangerous Love quest line, they are not required to complete it.For each faction there are three lead-in quests of the same name. Each version of the quest is given by a different named NPC in each of that faction’s main cities.

Alliance players will need the quest, “Dearest Colara”, which is given by Aldris Fourclouds in Darnassus, Tormek Stoneriver in Ironforge and Lieutenant Jocryn Heldric in Stormwind.

Horde Players will need the quest, “Dearest Elenia”, from Orok Deathbane in Orgrimmar, Temma of the Wells in Thunder Bluff and Deathguard Tor in Tirisfal Glades (near Undercity).

Regardless of which version you pick up, Alliance players end the quest with a turn in to Colara Dean on the steps of the bank in Stormwind’s trade district, while Horde players will turn in to Elenia Hayden, who is also standing near the bank, only in Undercity.

The next part, like the lead-in quests, is pretty similar across faction lines, with just the names of the quests being different, really.  Even so, we’re gonna keep them separated out by faction, to keep the confusion to a minimum.


  1. To start, you’ll pick up the quest, Dangerous Love from Artisan Mottar inside the Stormwind Bank. He wants you to find out if the guards in Stormwind are engaging in the festivities of the holiday.  To do this, you’ll need to get a Stormwind Guard’s Card, by using the perfume and tokens method you learned in the above section.  If you’ve jumped right to here, well jump on back up and see how to do it.  Once you have your respective faction’s guard’s card, return to Artisan Mottar.
  2. Now Astisan wants you to take a bottle each of Cologne and Perfume to Morgan Pestle in Stormwind’s Trade District. Pick up Artisan’s Hunch and head that way.
  3. Morgan has detected some unusual ingredients in the scent bottles.  Pick up Morgan’s Discovery from him and then head back over to Artisan at the Bank.
  4. Artisan Mottar now wants to track these felonious fragrances to their source! Pick up Tracing the Source from him and then go speak to Allison at the Gilded Rose nearby.
  5. Allison’s worried now too, as she directs you to her supplier Evert Sorisam, whose hanging out at The Finest Thread. Don’t forget to grab the second part of Tracing the Source before you leave her!
  6. Evert insists he’s legit. Pick up The Source Revealed before following his directions to his source, Staffron Lerent, in the Hillsbrad Foothills.
  7. Turns out, Staffron is a bit of a hard man to find. To get to him first, get yourself to Ravenholdt Manor.  Instead of going inside the manor, take a right and walk through the little sparring circle to a walkable slope in the mountains.  Go a little ways to the left for a bit, then take a sharp left up another inclined, but traversable slope.  Staffron Lerent will be standing near a pond, technically in the Alterac Mountains.
  8. Uh oh! Apparently Apothecary Straffon Lerent is with the Shadow Council and is trying to subvert both the Alliance and the Horde.  Oh well, at least you get a pretty outfit when you turn in A Bubbling Cauldron to the cauldron in question.  Take your pick of the various Bind on Pickup dresses and outfits!


  1. To start, you’ll pick up Dangerous Love from Fenstad Argyle near the Undercity Bank. He’s pretty much got the same suspicions as his Alliance counterpart and wants you to find out if the Undercity Guardians are ‘caught up in this foolishness’.  Again, to do this, you’ll need to get a Moldy Guardian’Card, by using the perfume and tokens method you learned in the above section.  If you’ve jumped right to here, well jump on back up and see how to do it.  Once you have your respective faction’s guard’s card, return to Fenstad Argyle.
  2. Like Mottar, Fenstad thinks there’s something fishy with the Cologne and Perfume bottles being sold in the city. Pick up Fenstad’s Hunch before heading over to Apothecary Zinge in the Apothecarium in Undercity.
  3. Zinge is also suspicious and thinks that whoever is creating the scents, has abilities that rival those of the Royal Apothecary Society. Pick up Zinge’s Assessment, before you head back over to Fenstad Argyle.
  4. Fenstad wants to find the source of the scents, so he gives you Tracing the Source and sends you over to Innkeeper Norman.
  5. Norman is pretty forthcoming and tells you that he bought the fragrances from a merchant named Mara Rennick. He also gives you the second part of Tracing the Source, so pick it up before you leave him.
  6. Mara explains that she sold her entire supply of cologne and perfume to Norman. She’s an absolute peach though and tells you that her supplier is a man named Staffron Lerent and that he can be found in the Hillsbrad Foothills near Ravenholdt.  Sound familiar?  Yeah…
  7. Again, Staffron has taken steps to ensure that he’s not going to be easily found. Start at Ravenholdt Manor again and again, instead of going inside the manor, take a right and walk through the little sparring circle to a walkable slope in the mountains.  Go a little ways to the left for a bit, then take a sharp left up another inclined, but traversable slope.  Staffron Lerent will be standing near a pond, technically in the Alterac Mountains.
  8. Imagine that, Lerent waswith the Shadow Council the whole time, who’d of thunk it. Make sure you check out the nearby bubbling cauldron, so you can turn in A Bubbling Cauldron.  Enjoy your new threads, you’ve earned them.

Well, that’s pretty much all there is to do in the Classic Love is in the Air event.  May you find true love someday and may it not immediately try to suck your soul out of your nose.  Have a wonderful day!


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