How to Get Whirlwind Axe in Season of Discovery (SoD)

how to get whirlwind axe in season of discovery (sod)
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  • Date: February 11, 2024
  • Updated: February 11, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Upon the completion of the Whirlwind Weapon quest, a victorious Warrior has the option to choose between the Whirlwind Sword, Whirlwind Warhammer and the Whirlwind Axe as a reward. There is only one true choice, however, and that is the Whirlwind Axe, which is highly sought after for its slow speed and high damage. Along the way in the quest chain, you’ll also pick up Berserker Stance and Intercept. Follow this guide to get these spells and the Whirlwind Axe for yourself in Season of Discovery.

Starting the Quest

Not much has changed for this quest line since Classic. While you can start this quest at level 30, the enemies range all the way up to a level 40 Elite; the elementals in Arathi, specifically, are level 38-39, and since you need to farm a number of materials from them, it’d be worth starting this quest a bit later or bringing along a friend for support.

You’ll first need to get your Warrior to level 30, at which point the Warrior trainer in any major city will give a quest called The Islander. This quest will take you to meet Klannoc Macleod on Fray Island to the east of The Barrens.

Klannoc will task you with The Affray quest, a gauntlet of weaker mobs you’ll fight in waves before fighting Big Will. The Affray Challengers come slowly enough that any competent Warrior level 30 or over can do this quest without challenge, but if you find yourself in a tight spot, use Intimidating Shout for an opening to use a bandage. After a few waves of these, Big Will, a level 33 neutral mob, will step into the arena. You’ll need to initiate combat with him, and once you finish, you’ll be rewarded with Berserker Stance and Intercept.

After The Affray is complete, Klannoc will assign you the quest The Windwatcher, which will lead you to Bath’Rah the Windwatcher. The best way to get to Bath’Rah is to go north, following the river, from Hillsbrad into Alterac Valley as shown in the gallery below.

Once you reach Bath’rah, he’ll give you the quest Cyclonian, which requires you to compile a number of ingredients to initiate a summoning ritual to summon an elemental whom you must defeat for your precious, blue-pixeled Whirlwind Axe. This will require you to gather the following materials:

Liferoot can be found throughout the world as an Herbalist, but it’s not prohibitively expensive that you can’t buy it cheaply from the Auction House. The main thrust of this quest is gathering the Bloodscalp Tusks and elemental charms.

how to get whirlwind axe in season of discovery sod bloodscalp trolls location

The Bloodscalp Tusks can be looted from various Bloodscalp Trolls, who can be found in Stranglethorn Vale in the area indicated in the picture above. Put some good tunes on, vibe out and farm until you have 30 tusks. Once you’re done, you can head over to Arathi Highlands to get your elemental charms.

how to get whirlwind axe in season of discovery sod arathi exiles map

The elementals that you need to kill are localized around their respective shrines in Arathi Highlands. In reference to the picture above, Burning Exiles will drop Burning Charms, and you can find them within the red-circled area; Thundering Exiles drop Thundering Charms, and they can be found within the yellow-circled area; and Cresting Exiles drop Cresting Charms and can be found within the blue-circled area.

how to get whirlwind axe in season of discovery sod bathrah cauldron

At this point, you should have all of your materials ready. To combine the elemental charms you collected, you’ll need to return to the cauldron outside Bath’rah’s hut. With all the materials in hand, talk to Bath’rah to summon Cyclonian, a level 40 elite elemental. That’s right, he’s a level 40 elite. It’s best to bring someone along with you to do this or wait until later level if you’d like to solo him.

Once you’ve defeated Cyclonian and collected his Whirlwind Heart, Bath’rah will offer the Whirlwind Weapon quest, which allows you to select which Whirlwind weapon you’ll receive as a reward. Congratulations on your new Whirlwind Axe; that is, if you didn’t choose either of the other two!


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