Scroll of Geomancy Guide – Season of Discovery Phase 3

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The Scroll of Geomancy is required to get one of the runes added in Season of Discovery Phase 3, the Displacement Rune for Mages. In this guide, we’ll go over exactly what the Scroll of Geomancy is, how to get it, and how to use it.

What is a Scroll of Geomancy?

You can use a Scroll of Geomancy to summon an Enraged Leywalker from a Leyline Conflux. These mobs will drop a unique Leycryst upon death. Visit four different Leyline Confluxes to collect the four Leycrysts, and then combine all four to receive the Displacement Rune.

How to Get a Scroll of Geomancy

First things first, you’ll need to get some Comprehension Charms. You can get these from Scroll of Comprehension, from rune quests, and from reagent vendors — see our guide on Mage Scrolls for more info. That done, you’ll use the Comprehension Charms on undeciphered phase 3 scrolls:

With any luck, you’ll soon decipher one of the above scrolls and find yourself a Scroll of Geomancy! Note that you’ll need 4 to get the Displacement Rune, so it’s a good idea to try and party up with other Mages or Warlocks (who can interact with Leylines via Worldcore Fragments) so you don’t have to collect four Scrolls of Geomancy yourself.

How to Use Scrolls of Geomancy

Scroll of Geomancy in hand (bag, really), you’ll next need to head to four different Leyline Confluxes, and use a Scroll of Geomancy on each (Warlocks can also use Worldcore Fragments) — doing so summons a Level 47 Elite Enraged Leywalker. The Leywalker will drop a Leycryst when defeated, and combining all four different Leycrysts will allow you to learn the rune. Here are the locations of the four Leylines:


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