Scroll of Spatial Mending Guide – Season of Discovery Phase 3

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In order to get one of the Mage runes added in Season of Discovery Phase 3, Balefire Bolt you’ll need to use a Scroll of Spatial Mending. In this guide, we’ll explain what a Scroll of Spatial Mending is, how to get them, and how to use them!

What is the Scroll of Spatial Mending?

The Scroll of Spatial Mending is used to seal Fel Portals. By doing so, Mages can collect themselves the Balefire Bolt Rune after killing the mob that spawns.

How to Get a Scroll of Spatial Mending

The Formula: Scroll of Spatial Mending is a drop from Otherworldly Treasure, which Warlocks can get by sending their Explorer Imp through Fel Portals. The Formula requires Enchanting (120), so you’ll either need to reach that level of Enchanting, or else purchase a Scroll of Spatial Mending from the Auction House.

You can also find this scroll by deciphering Tier 2 Mage Scrolls.

How to Use the Scroll of Spatial Mending

Once you’ve got a Scroll of Spatial Mending, you’ll next need to find a Fel Portal. Using the Scroll of Spatial Mending on a portal will spawn a mob — kill it, and you’ll be able to loot it for the Spell Notes: Balefire Bolt, which in turn lets you engrave the Balefire Bolt Rune onto your bracers!

Where to find Fel Portals

You can find Fel Portals in various locations across Azeroth. Note that the mob will be more difficult to defeat depending on the type of Fel Portal you close — the sections below are listed in order of ascending difficulty.

fel portal sod phase 3
A Fel Portal

Here are the known locations of Fel Portals:

Fel Slivers

Fel Cracks

Fel Tears

Fel Scars

Fel Rifts

We have yet to discover any Fel Rifts, but they will be added once we do!


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