Where to Farm Dark Iron Ordinance in Season of Discovery

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  • Author: Passion
  • Date: December 31, 2023
  • Updated: January 12, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Dark Iron Ordinance is one of three items added in Season of Discovery that players need to turn in to Grizzby in Ratchet to unlock a Rune for their class. Unfortunately, Dark Iron Ordinance is only dropped by a handful of enemies in the Wetlands, and to make matters worse, all of these enemies are level 27-31 Elites.

All of these enemies are found close to the border between Wetlands and Arathi Highlands, split between two camps, either Dun Modr or an unnamed camp to the east. They all have roughly the same 3-4% chance to drop Dark Iron Ordinance, but some will be easier to deal with than others. There are also a handful of enemies found around these camps that do not drop Dark Iron Ordinance, but you will likely need to kill them either way.

Either way though, I strongly recommend you bring a group! You can even do this as a raid group, as the items dropped are not specifically “Quest Items”, meaning they will drop and are lootable within a raid. This might be the best option for Horde players, as Wetlands is an Alliance leveling zone and you are very likely to end up in some fights if you are on a PvP server.

Dark Iron Camps in Wetlands For Dark Iron Ordinance

Once you have 20 of these you can turn them in to complete one-third of the required steps for Grizzby. If you already have a group going, you may want to keep farming them to sell on the auction house as an easy gold maker.

Enemy Types That Drop Dark Iron Ordinance

Dark Iron Demolitionist

dark iron demolitionist dark iron ordinance

These are the highest level of all the potential enemies, and will regularly throw Bombs(8858)s at players. These can be sidestepped by a fast-acting player, but can be a bit rough damage-wise to tank.

Dark Iron Saboteur

dark iron saboteur dark iron ordinance

The second lowest level dwarf, these will generally just try to stab you to death, but be careful, they cast Sapper Explode(3204) on death, which can take you by surprise, especially if you only barely survived the encounter to begin with.

Dark Iron Tunneler

dark iron tunneler dark iron ordinance

These are mid-range on level, but fill the role of Warrior Tank, using a Defensive Stance(7164) as well as stacking Sunder Armor(11971) on their primary target.

Dark Iron Dwarf

dark iron dwarf dark iron ordinance

These are the lowest level of all the dwarf types, and will exclusively try to whack you with their mace. The more of these you can kill the better, as they are by far the easiest while retaining the same drop chance.


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