How to Craft Blackfathom Sharpening Stone in Season of Discovery

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  • Author: Passion
  • Date: December 31, 2023
  • Updated: January 12, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

This very powerful temporary weapon enchantment requires Blacksmithing to craft, but not to use. To learn how to make these you will need to get Plans: Blackfathom Sharpening Stone from the Blackfathom Deeps Raid. This can be found in the room with Lady Sarevess, the third boss. Behind her spawn, you will find a waterfall. Once the entire raid has been cleared, this waterfall will disappear, opening the room behind it. If your raid wasn’t very thorough with trash clearing, I recommend coming back a bit later, as eventually all the trash in the raid will despawn, allowing you to run freely within the dungeon.

At the very back of the room behind the waterfall you will find a stone table with a scroll on it. The scroll will only be visible if you are a Blacksmith or Enchanter. This scroll is the “Mysterious Formulae” and contains Plans: Blackfathom Sharpening Stone if you are a Blacksmith. The recipe requires 100 skill to learn, meaning you do not need to max your Blacksmithing to craft this.

stone table with mysterious formulae season of discovery

To craft a Blackfathom Sharpening Stone you will need:

You should be able to craft the Coarse Sharpening Stones yourself, but the Lesser Magic Essence will need to come from an Enchanter (Or more likely, the Auction House).

Unlike most Classic Sharpening Stones, these do not require a “Sharp” or “Blunt” weapon and can be used on any weapon. As of writing this, Wild Strikes from Druids seems to temporarily overwrite Blackfathom Sharpening Stones. Sharpening Stones in general also do not stack with Rogue Poisons or Shaman Enchantments, meaning you can only have one or the other. This does not apply to Deadly Brew though, allowing Rogues to benefit from Wild Strikes, Blackfathom Sharpening Stone, and Poisons all at the same time!


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