WoW Classic Herbalism Guide 1 to 300

WoW Classic Herbalism Guide

Herbalism, like Skinning or Mining, is a gathering profession. Usually paired with Alchemy, the main activity in Herbalism is Herb Gathering, and players can pick plants of various kinds while leveling normally to increase their skill. Herbalism also has uses in secondary professions, like Cooking, and provides reagents to specialized recipes for other crafting professions.

Training Herbalism

To begin leveling, players must become an Apprentice Herbalist. This can be done in any major city and gives players access to the profession’s most important ability: Find Herbs. Much like other gathering professions, Find Herbs shows herb nodes on players minimaps which allow you to easily spot their location.

As you progress with Herbalism, you will be taken to different zones throughout Azeroth and encounter numerous trainers, but any and all of them are able to train you up to become an Artisan Herbalist. Because of this, only the zones where players can find level appropriate herbs are discussed in this guide.

Leveling Herbalism

Because herbs grow naturally in zones where players are leveling, the routes you must take before becoming an Expert Herbalist are faction specific. Often, the easiest way to level Herbalism is to complete circuits around or through areas, and by the time you’ve completed it, nodes near the beginning have regenerated.

Apprentice (1 – 75)

Your journey begins by becoming an Apprentice Herbalist through speaking with a trainer in any major city. At this level, all players will be looking for Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Mageroyal, and Earthroot. Found close to most races’ starting areas, the herbs you need to pick are going to be abundant and often uncontested.

1 – 50: Peacebloom and Silverleaf

  •  Alliance
    • Elwynn Forest: Alliance players beginning in Elwynn Forest can start their route just between Goldshire and the Stormwind gates. By working around the outside of the area towards Forest’s Edge, back towards Eastvale Logging Camp, and then finally returning towards Northshire, players should be able to find numerous nodes.
    • Dun Morogh: Starting near Kharanos, you should head west towards Brenwall Village. Beginning at the south of Kharanos and returning through the north makes the route bigger and gives you more chances to find herbs.
    • Teldrassil: Begin in the center of Teldrassil, near Dolanaar. From there, run around Lake Al’Ameth and back. Like Dun Morogh, starting from one end of Dolanaar and returning through the other gives you more chances to find herbs.
  • Horde
    • Durotar: For Horde players starting in Durotar, making laps near the path from Razor Hill to Sen’jin Village should allow for quick leveling.
    • Tirisfal Glades: Starting at Brill, players should go west, towards Cold Hearth Manor, up towards Agamand Mills and through Solliden Farmstead. Going south of Brill, you can continue on to Nightmare Vale, and then head east past Undercity.
    • Mulgore: Circling the base of Thunder Bluff should give you enough experience to hit skill level 50. If there are not enough nodes, you can also head to Bloodhoof Village.

50 – 75: Mageroyal and Earthroot

  • Alliance
    • Westfall: After Elwynn Forest, players should run along the coastline near the entrance of the zone to its end in the south. After, you should complete the circle by running through Sentinel Hill and returning to the border.
    • Dun Morogh: Players starting in Dun Morogh can stay in the zone, but should start circling Gol’Bolar Quarry.
    • Darkshore: After arriving at Auberdine, you should do a wide circle on the border of the entire zone. Watch out while doing so, however. Some of the mobs may be too strong for you to kill alone.
  • Horde
    • The Barrens: After players from Durotar and Mulgore come to the Barrens, they should begin their circle near the Crossroads. From there, you should make a circuit between Gold Road, Dry Hills, and Honor’s Stand.
    • Tirisfal Glades: If you’re leveling in Tirisfal Glades, Earthroot and Mageroyal should also appear there. Though they spawn with less frequency, they’re both still quite abundant. To look for Mageroyal, search near the base of trees, and for Earthroot, the cliffs and hills on the outskirts of the zone and near Scarlet Monastery should have it.

Journeyman (75 – 150)

Well done! You’ve taken your first steps in harvesting herbs, and your gathering should help you with Alchemy or on the Auction House. Make sure you speak to a trainer in any city and become a Journeyman Herbalist before progressing any further. Before you become an Expert, you’ll need to collect Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Wild Steelbloom, and Kingsblood, and because you’re still in fairly low-level zones, node locations are still faction dependant.

75 – 100: Briarthorn

  • Alliance
    • Redridge Mountains: In the Eastern Kingdoms, Briarthorn can be found in Redridge Mountains. Your circle should start at Lakeshire, move south around Lake Everstill, and come back around Stonewatch Keep.
    • Loch Modan: Moving from Dun Morogh, Briarthorn can also be found in Loch Modan. Circling east of the Loch, passing Ironband’s Excavation Site should provide the best results.
    • Darkshore: For players still in Darkshore, the same circuit used to find Mageroyal and Earthroot can be used to find Briarthorn. You might need to move in a little, so that you can get closer to the trees where it grows, however.
  • Horde
    • The Barrens: Horde looking to pick Briarthorn can stay in The Barrens and use the same route.
    • Silverpine Forest: After leaving Tirisfal Glades, you can head to Silverpine Forest to continue gathering. Start your route in the south, near the entrance to Hillsbrad Foothills. Continue west towards Pyrewood Village and loop around Ambermill.

100 – 115: Bruiseweed

This is the point where you can begin entering contested zones and encountering the opposite faction while gathering. Though each side has their own designated areas, Bruiseweed appears in many neutral locations.

  • Alliance
    • Loch Modan: Looking along the Eastern edge of the Loch, Bruiseweed should be available.
  • Horde
    • The Barrens: You should be able to stay in The Barrens to find Bruiseweed, but now you’ll need to change your route. Head towards the Southern Barrens and make loops or circle between Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul.
  • Both
    • Redridge Mountains: You should begin at Stonewatch Keep, and circle it closely. You can head out towards the Tower of Ilgar if nodes are running low, but their concentration thins the further away from the Keep you go.
    • Ashenvale: Starting at western entrance, you should begin heading towards Splintertree Post. Continue on towards Silverwing Outpost, and then loop back towards the entrance. You can also circle Mystral Lake and Astranaar.
    • Stonetalon Mountains: Both factions can begin by making a circuit around Windshear Crag. The circle can be broadened along the southeast edge of the zone, through higher concentrations appear closest to the border itself and near the Crag with smaller amounts appearing between.

115 – 125: Wild Steelbloom

  • Horde
    • The Barrens: The areas that you gathered Bruiseweed in should also have Wild Steelbloom nodes.
  • Both
    • Stonetalon Mountains: Head to Stonetalon Peak and loop around the area. Nodes should be throughout.
    • Stranglethorn Vale: There are two options available in Stranglethorn Vale: Zuuldaia Ruins and the Nek’mani Wellspring. Choose whichever is easiest to access and circle. Once you’ve finished, and if you’re out of nodes, you can go check the other.
    • Wetlands: You can start your route in the Black Channel Marsh. After working through there, head around Angerfang Encampment, and finish by looping around the outside of Whelgar’s Excavation Site.

Now, you’re able to train up to Expert! After 150, you’ll continue to gather Kingsblood for a bit, so training up to Expert Herbalist before you begin will make leveling as smooth as possible.

125 – 150: Kingsblood

From here, all gathering will occur in contested zones, and there is no differentiation between where factions should level.

  • Wetlands: Run a complete circuit around the outside of the zone, including the areas you’ve already been. Kingsblood can spawn in the same areas as Wild Steelbloom.

Expert (150 – 225)

You’re Herbalism has taken you through many zones, and you’re now an Expert Herbalist! You’ve almost completed leveling, but from here on, all zones will be useful for both factions to level themselves and their gathering. So, if you’re on a PvP server, make sure to watch out and be prepared! Otherwise, keep track of whether you’re flagged or not, as these nodes have longer respawn times and are rarer than previous levels. At this stage, you’ll be gathering Fadeleaf, Khadgar’s Whisker, Firebloom, and Sungrass.

150 – 160: Kingsblood

Continue collecting Kingsblood in the same locations.

160 – 185: Fadeleaf

  • Swamp of Sorrows: The easiest place to gather Fadeleaf is in the Swamp of Sorrows. Make a complete circle around the outside of the zone, and you should be able to find more than enough.

185 – 205: Khadgar’s Whisker

  • Swamp of Sorrows: You can use the same route as Fadeleaf to gather Khadgar’s Whisker.
  • The Hinterlands: Like the Swamp, run a complete circle around the outside edge of The Hinterlands. There should be plenty of Khadgar’s Whisker.
  • Arathi Highlands: Circling Boulderfist Hall (the area with ogres) and Witherbark Village will net you enough to complete this step.

205 – 225: Firebloom

  • Searing Gorge: Because it’s so small, run a complete circle around the edge of Searing Gorge to find Firebloom.
  • Blasted Lands: Completing a circuit around the Blasted Lands should only take a little longer than Searing Gorge and should provide you with a similar amount of Firebloom nodes.
  • Tanaris: While Tanaris isn’t much larger than either Searing Gorge or the Blasted Lands, it is significantly more spread out, making Firebloom gathering a little more difficult. You can divide it into 2 or 4 quadrants to make circling easier, but gathering here will still take some time.

After this, you can become an Artisan Herbalist! You’ve almost finished entirely!

Artisan (225 – 300)

You’re now an Artisan Herbalist. Congratulations! The herbs you gather at this level will be used in incredibly powerful endgame recipes or can be sold for high profits. Like in the Expert tier, the spawn timers on these nodes are much longer than lower level herbs, so make sure to watch out and have patience. At this stage, you’ll complete your leveling by gathering Sungrass, Gromsblood, Dreamfoil, and Plaguebloom.

225 – 230: Firebloom

Continue gathering Firebloom in the same locations.

230 – 250: Sungrass

  • Feralas: Sungrass can be found throughout Feralas, but because the zone is so large, it’s best to break it up into smaller circuits. One option is to go from Woodpaw Hills through Grimtotem Compound, and loop around the Lower Wilds. Another is to begin at The Ruins of Ravenwind and circle The High Wilderness to the south.
  • Azshara: Begin at the base of the Forlorn Ridge and work your way up. You can make a circle around to the Ruins of Eldarath if you run out of nodes.
  • The Hinterlands: You can also return to The Hinterlands to find Sungrass. The most efficient route is to follow the central, main path in the zone, but to gather off to the side.

250 – 270: Gromsblood

  • Felwood: Following the entire outer edge of Felwood should provide you with enough Gromsblood to complete this step in one or two circuits. You’ll end up following a less linear path than the main road, but you should be fine.
  • Blasted Lands: Just like Firebloom, completing a route along the outside edge of the Blasted Lands should provide you with enough nodes relatively quickly.
  • Desolace: Circling around Mannoroc Coven will allow you to collect the Gromsblood.

270 – 285: Dreamfoil

  • Azshara: Return to the Forlorn Ridge and widen your circle to the Ravencrest Monument. You can also make another circuit from the Ruins of Eldarath to the Bitter Reaches in the northeast.
  • Un’Goro Crater: Run a complete circuit of the crater. It should not take long, and two or three passes should net you enough Dreamfoil to move onto the last step.

285 – 300: Plaguebloom

  • Plaguelands: For this, you can choose either the Western Plaguelands or the Eastern Plaguelands. In either, all you need to do is hang on the outer edge, and find the nodes. The competition might be fierce, however.
    • If you’re having too much trouble gathering in the Plaguelands, you can also head to Winterspring and gather Icecap by doing a circuit around the outer edge.

And you’ve finished! Congratulations! Now, you can gather and sell some of the most essential reagents in WoW Classic.


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