Blacksmithing Leveling Guide 1-225 for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery (SoD)

Blacksmithing Leveling Guide for Season of Discovery (SoD)

Season of Discovery has added a few recipes for the Blacksmithing profession, but otherwise the skill remains largely unchanged from Vanilla or Classic WoW. The main difference is the lower level caps for the first two phases. In Phase 2, your Blacksmithing skill will max out at 225 instead of 300.

For a look at the best items you can craft at 225 Blacksmithing skill, check out our Season of Discovery Blacksmithing Overview. This guide will focus on how to level your Blacksmithing to get to that point.

How to Level Blacksmithing in Season of Discovery

To level up your Blacksmithing, you’ll primarily need metal bars and stones. Both of these come from Mining. Whenever you mine a mineral vein, you’ll often receive ore and stone. The ore needs to be smelted into bars before it can be used in Blacksmithing recipes.

Trainer Locations

Finding a trainer for Blacksmithing is fairly simple; you won’t even need to leave a major city to train until Phase 3. For convenience, Wow Alliance Crest Alliance players should train in Ironforge, while Horde players should train in Orgrimmar. Here’s where you can find trainers for each level:

  • Apprentice (1-75) – Like most other professions, simply ask a guard in any major city where you can find the Blacksmithing Trainer.
    • For Wow Alliance Crest Alliance, head to Stormwind, Ironforge, or Darnassus.
    • For Horde, go to Orgrimmar, Undercity, or Thunder Bluff.
  • Journeyman (75-150) – Keep training where you went previously or in any other major city listed above.
  • Expert (150-225) – At this point, you’ll be required to go to a specific city for Expert Blacksmithing training.

Tips and Tricks

The skill of Blacksmithing is fairly straightforward, but there are still a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. These tips aren’t at all requirements, but they will certainly help you reach 300 faster if you take them into consideration.

Anvil and Hammer

In order to make any Blacksmithing recipe, you’ll need a Blacksmith Hammer in your inventory. You can easily purchase this from any blacksmithing vendor. In addition, you’ll need to also be physically located at a blacksmithing anvil. You can find these in several places around Azeroth, but you’ll undoubtedly find one near your Blacksmithing trainer.

Paired Profession

While you can pair any profession with Blacksmithing, your best bet is to choose Mining. Blacksmithing requires the use of smelted bars. Only those with the Mining skill have the ability to smelt bars. Furthermore, only miners have the ability to actually collect metal ores for mineral veins throughout the world. This gives you the best opportunity to provide yourself with crafting materials without having to purchase them.

Armorsmith or Weaponsmith

At higher levels of Blacksmithing, you will be able to specialize in either Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing. This won’t be possible until Phase 3, however.

Total Materials You’ll Need

While there are some new recipes for Blacksmithing in Season of Discovery, they tend to require more expensive materials, so we will be sticking with Vanilla recipes for leveling. All of the recipes used in this guide are learned from Blacksmithing Trainers, so you will not need to purchase any plans from vendors or the Auction House.

This is a rough idea of the total materials needed to go from 1-225 in Blacksmithing. You may need more or less depending upon your skill-up luck, but this should give you a good idea. Here’s what you’ll need to get to 225 Blacksmithing:

1-75: Apprentice Blacksmithing

Mats Required:

To get started, learn the Apprentice Blacksmithing skill from any Blacksmithing Trainer.

1-25: Rough Sharpening Stone x50

Welcome to your first Blacksmithing recipe! This one uses stone. You’ll need to make enough to reach 25 in Blacksmithing, although it probably won’t take you a full 50 crafts.

25-65: Rough Grinding Stone x60

Once you’ve reached 25 Blacksmithing, you get to make… more stone! This time you’ll make Rough Grinding Stones until you hit 65 Blacksmithing, which should take less than 60 of these. You should hold onto them once crafted because they will be used in another recipe later in this guide.

65-75: Coarse Sharpening Stone x20

To cap off the end of your Apprentice Blacksmithing journey, you’ll make yet another stone recipe, but this time you need Coarse Stone. Craft Coarse Sharpening Stone until 75.

75-150: Journeyman Blacksmithing

Mats Required:

* = These are crafted during this guide from other materials, but included in this list for convenience.

Be sure to train Journeyman Blacksmithing from any Blacksmithing trainer before you continue.

75-100: Coarse Grinding Stone x80

Now you’ll want to make Coarse Grinding Stones. A lot of them to be exact. Your goal is 100 Blacksmithing, so it might not take a full 80 stones to get there. Hold onto these for use later in this guide.

100-105: Silver Rod x5

For the next recipe, you’ll actually make something other than stone! This time you’ll make Silver Rods, which does require the use of Silver Bars. Consider selling these on the Auction House later, as enchanters need these to make their enchanting rods.

105-125: Rough Bronze Leggings x30

Now you get to actually make your first piece of equipment! You’ll want to make a bunch of Rough Bronze Leggings. 30 or so should do the trick.

125-150: Heavy Grinding Stone x60

If you were missing the stone recipes, don’t fret because you’ll be making one again! At this point you’ve graduated to Heavy Stone, so make Heavy Grinding Stones. Be sure to save these for use later in this guide.

150-225: Expert Blacksmithing

Mats Required:

* = These are crafted during this guide from other materials, but included in this list for convenience.

To continue on from 150, you’ll need to train Expert Blacksmithing, which can only be learned from trainers in Ironforge and Orgrimmar.

150-155: Golden Rod x5

Remember the Silver Rods you made earlier? You’re going to do that again, but this time with gold! Make 5 of these golden bad boys and definitely consider selling these too.

155-165: Green Iron Leggings x10

Who said blacksmithing couldn’t be fashionable? They obviously haven’t seen these Green Iron Leggings! Now you too can make your own pair, or 10! You can find Green Dye at any Tailoring vendor.

165-185: Green Iron Bracers x20

Yes, this fabulous green armor also comes in bracers! Make 20 of them so you can get to 185 Blacksmithing, good enough to make your next recipe!

185-200: Golden Scale Bracers x15

If you thought green looked good, just wait till you see these bracers in gold! You’ll make quite a few of these, but you should stop at 200 so you can benefit from the cheaper skill ups coming from Solid Stone.

200-210: Solid Grinding Stone x20

Now that you’ve reached 200 Blacksmithing, you’ll want to switch to Solid Grinding Stone because it is much cheaper. It will go grey at 210, so take full advantage of it until then.

210-215: Golden Scale Bracers x5

Now you’ll want to go back to to the Golden Scale Bracers so you’re high enough level for the next recipe. Five of them should be enough to get you there.

215-225: Steel Plate Helm x10

At this point, you’ll be making Steel Plate Helms! These are actually a popular helm piece, being one of the first plate helm pieces available to classes that wear plate. You’ll make a good number of these, so consider selling them to recoup any losses!


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