Dreamscythe and Weaver – Sunken Temple 20-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

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The duo of Dreamscythe and Weaver make up half of the commanders of Eranikus’ army of dragonspawn, corrupted by the influence of the Emerald Nightmare.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with this deadly duo without plummeting to your doom or succumbing to the poisonous cloud enveloping the temple.


  • Avoid the poison
  • Avoid the pit


Dreamscythe & Weaver

Both dragons will occasionally knock their target back a short distance. Simply make sure no one hit will fall into the pit or into the poison and you’ll be golden here.

The dragons will each fly to the edge of the arena and cast a frontal knockback, trying to knock you into the hole in the center of the arena, or the poison surrounding the arena. Falling into the hole takes you out of the fight. The poison on the other hand can be survived, but will stack and quickly become deadly.

The closer you are to the dragon, the farther you are knocked away. For this reason you should try to avoid being too close, as your trajectory will be less predictable.

Dreamscythe attacks with a frontal cone, placing a stacking damage over time effect on anyone caught in it. This should only ever hit the tank, and is the same debuff caused by Caustic Overflow. If your stacks are too high, you will need to tank swap to allow stacks to fall off.

Dreamscythe fills the outer rim of the arena with poison, placing a stacking damage over time effect on anyone that moves into it.

The bosses take turns being immune to damage, using Emerald Ward to mark reduce all damage significantly.


Raid Composition & Preparation

For this fight you will need 2-3 tanks. One for each boss, and one to swap out if stacks ever get too high. You will also likely need a good amount of healers, 5+ as this is a long fight. More healers mean they individually need to spend less mana, allowing them to keep up with the fight. Passive healers like Shadow Priests are also useful, as they give health back simply by doing their regular rotation.

The Pull

Once you enter the middle of the arena, next to the hole in the floor, both Weaver and Dreamscythe will descend from above. Get into position while they aren’t attackable.

The Fight

Phase 1 – Dreamscythe

dreamscythe weaver strategy map 3

Initially you will only have to fight Dreamscythe. The fight will open with Caustic Overflow, flooding the outer edge of the circle. Tank the boss close to the center, but not in a way that anyone hit by a knockback will fall into the pit. Dreamscythe will cast Acid Breath and Wing Flap in front of himself. Both of these should only ever hit the tank, with the former placing a stacking DoT on the tank and the latter knocking them back a little.

dreamscythe weaver strategy map 1

Periodically, Dreamscythe will fly to a corner of the arena and begin casting Wing Buffet. This is a fairly quick cast and will knock back the entire raid. It is vital that no one is positioned in a way that will cause them to be thrown into the pit when this happens, because if they are, they’re out of the fight. This will happen fairly often, so players must always be aware of their positioning.

After Wing Buffet, have the tank return the boss to the middle of the room, rinse and repeat.

Phase 2 – Weaver

A short while into the fight, Dreamscythe will cast Emerald Ward and flee the arena, while Weaver swoops in for a Wing Buffet. The raid must keep their eye on Weaver for this, as it can easily catch you out of position and send you into the pit.

The two bosses have a shared health pool and are effectively identical in the fight.

Phase 3 – The Duo

A while into the fight, Dreamscythe will join in on the fun again. This time you will have to fight both of them at once. This also includes dealing with two Wing Buffets at (almost) the same time.

dreamscythe weaver strategy map 2

Both bosses function the same as they did previously, but whenever it is time for Wing Buffet, they will both retreat to a different corner of the arena. Dreamscythe will cast Wing Buffet first, followed by a delayed Wing Buffet from Weaver. You will need to be extra careful now, as the combination of the two can easily catch you out of position and send you somewhere you do not want to be.

While this fight is fairly long, there isn’t much more to it other than handling the knockbacks.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • Players are thrown into the pit
  • Players are thrown into the poison
  • Tanks are overwhelmed by stacks

Congratulations on defeating Dreamscythe & Weaver, but you aren’t out of the woods yet. Get ready for more trolls and more dragons coming up.


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