Viscous Fallout – Gnomeregan 10-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

viscous fallout
  • Author: lettara
  • Date: February 16, 2024
  • Updated: February 16, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Viscous Fallout is a massive water elemental encounter that patrols Gnomeregan‘s depths. Face a deadly medley of poisonous abilities and radioactive water elementals as you take on this challenging encounter!

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with the Viscous Fallout encounter in the revamped 10-player Gnomeregan raid.


  • Move the boss every time he drops Sludge at his feet.
  • Do as much damage as possible to Irradiated Goo and attempt to kill all three that spawn.
  • Any Irradiated Goo left alive for 10 seconds will transform into Desiccated Fallouts that need to be interrupted.
  • If Desiccated Fallouts are not interrupted, be ready for heavy raid damage.


Viscous Fallout creates green slime puddles beneath him, inflicting damage and slowing down players that stand in it. The primary tank will need to consistently kite him around the arena to prevent melee DPS from taking damage. Be sure to kite him as conservatively as possible to prevent running out of room.

Viscous Fallout summons three water elemental mobs that pulsate AoE nature damage via Toxic Emission. If they are not killed within 10 seconds, they transform into Desiccated Fallouts who are significantly more dangerous.

Irradiated Goo pelts nearby players with this pulsing AoE effect. Ranged DPS & Healers should stay far away from Irradiated Goo to avoid taking this damage, while melee DPS will simply need to be healed through it.

If Irradiated Goo are left unkilled for 10 seconds, they transform into Desiccated Fallouts that cast this ability. Radiation Burn is a 3-second cast that must be interrupted or it will inflict a poison DoT on the entire raid. This DoT deals massive damage if not cleansed by an ability such as a Paladin’s Purify or a Shaman’s Poison Cleansing Totem.

Raid Composition & Preparation

role icon 0000 tank Only one tank is required.
role icon 0003 healer Two to three healers are recommended. If all Radiation Burn‘s are avoided via killing all three Irradiated Goo’s or successfully kicking all casts of Radiation Burn, this fight is very easy to heal. However, if a Radiation Burn is allowed to go off, your entire raid will take heavy poison damage.
role icon 0002 ranged Ranged DPS are generally superior to melee DPS in this encounter. Melee DPS will be forced to take extra AoE damage from Toxic Emission‘s and may lose uptime on the boss to avoid taking damage from Sludge.
Wow Classic Kick Icon Multiple interrupters can be essential in this encounter. Between one and three Desiccated Fallouts are sure to spawn depending on your raid’s DPS, and each one will require an interrupt to avoid taking massive AoE damage from Radiation Burn.
abolish poison icon In the event that you fail to kill all three Irradiated Goos, or miss a kick of Radiation Burn, having a player that can cleanse poison may be the only way to prevent a wipe.

The Pull

Viscous Fallout patrols around a large area and is surrounded by adds. Clear out the area of adds, being careful not to accidentally pull the boss. You’ll want to excavate a large area as this fight requires a lot of movement.

The Fight

fallout fight

The tank’s kite path should be circular rather than in a straight line to minimize ranged and healer movement.

The tank’s sole responsibility on this fight is to kite the boss after each Sludge spawn. Make conservative movements, because if the tank moves too much, they will quickly run out of room to kite the boss. Ranged DPS and Healers should stay a healthy distance away from the boss to prevent exposure to Toxic Emission while Irradiated Goos are present.

The most important part of this encounter is your raid team’s handling of Irradiated Goo. Immediately upon Viscous Fallout’s cast of Summon Irradiated Goo, your entire raid should begin doing as much damage as possible to the three Goos that spawn. You will have 10 seconds to kill as many of the three Goos as you can before they transform into Desiccated Fallouts. A raid with extremely high DPS may be able to kill all three Irradiated Goos before they transform, trivializing the encounter. But most raids will only be able to kill 1-2 Irradiated Goos, meaning that they will transform into Desiccated Fallouts.

In the likely event of Desiccated Fallout spawns, any players with an interrupt will want to try their best to kick their cast of Radiation Burn. If a Radiation Burn goes uninterrupted, the entire raid will get a nasty DoT poison effect that will need to be healed through and/or cleansed with an ability like Purify or Poison Cleansing Totem.


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