Cooking Guide for Season of Discovery (SoD) Phase 3

Cooking Guide for Season of Discovery (SoD)

Phase 3 of Season of Discovery brings the skill cap for professions to 300, allowing players to max out all of their crafting and gathering skills. For the Cooking profession, that means you’ll be able to cook up most of the recipes in the game.

Cooking Leveling & Trainers

Be sure to check out our SoD Cooking Leveling Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough for leveling the Cooking skill, including all trainer locations.

Learning Artisan Cooking

From Phase 3 on, players will be able to level their professions all the way to 300 skill, or Artisan level – the maximum skill for Vanilla WoW.

To reach 300 in the Cooking skill you’ll first need to complete the Clamlette Surprise quest to learn Artisan Cooking. This quest can be picked up from Dirge Quikcleave at Gadgetzan in Tanaris. You’ll need to collect three items to complete the quest:

When you turn these items in, you may want to buy Recipe: Tender Wolf Steak from the same NPC.

dirge quikcleave gadgetzan tanaris
Dirge Quikcleave is inside the inn in Gadgetzan

Phase 3 Cooking Recipes

So far, no new Cooking recipes have been added in Season of Discovery, and all of the existing recipes have been left unchanged. Here are the best available foods to cook in Phase 3.

Stamina & Spirit Food

The 12 Stamina & Spirit foods from level 40 are still strong options at level 50, particularly for tanks. Those recipes are:

Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew
Sold by:
Wow Alliance Crest Janet Hommers in Stonetalon Mountains
Kireena in Desolace
Vendor-Tron 1000 in Desolace
Recipe: Monster Omelet
Sold by:
Wow Alliance Crest Malygen in Darkshore
Bale in Felwood
Himmik in Winterspring
Taught by most Cooking Trainers
Recipe: Spiced Chili Crab
Sold by:
Wow Alliance Crest Kriggon Talsone in Westfall
Banalash in Swamp of Sorrows
Uthok in Stranglethorn Vale

Mana Food

Most mana users will want to use Nightfin Soup, which offers 8 MP5, a step up from Sagefish Delight.

Recipe: Nightfin Soup
Sold by Gikkix in Tanaris

Agility Food

Agility users will look for Grilled Squid, which may be tricky to make since the fish that are used to create them are now out of season. You’ll probably be able to find some on the Auction House, but they are bound to cost a lot.

Recipe: Grilled Squid
Sold by Gikkix in Tanaris

Miscellaneous Food

Dragonbreath Chili is an interesting recipe that gives you a 4% chance to breathe fire with each melee hit (so it will happen more often with faster weapon speeds). There are two other notable recipes you’ll have access to from Phase 1: Thistle Tea for Rogues and everyone’s favorite roleplay consumable, Savory Deviate Delight. (More about this one in our Deviate Fish Guide!)

Recipe: Dragonbreath Chili
Sold by:
Wow Alliance Crest Helenia Olden in Dustwallow Marsh
Ogg’marr in The Barrens
Super-Seller 680 in Desolace

Unobtainable Recipes in Phase 3

At level 50 you’ll technically be able to craft every Cooking recipe in the game, although three recipes will still be unobtainable for other reasons. Those recipes are:

Don’t Forget Your Cozy Fire

Remember that you can create a Basic Campfire with the Cooking skill, which applies the Cozy Fire buff to everyone nearby for 1 minute and allows you to cook wherever you are. You don’t even have to level the skill at all to use it, but you do have to carry around Flint and Tinder and Simple Wood, which will eat up two of your precious bag slots.

It’s also the perfect compliment to your Cozy Sleeping Bag. Who doesn’t love camping by an open fire?

cozy fire and sleeping bag season of discovery
Double the coziness!


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3 months ago

Thistle tea can also be purchased at ravenholt manor.

5 months ago

Alliance equivalent to the stew. Seems only fair to mention it, and save some unnecessary neutral AH buy at an absurd price.

Reply to  Meh
5 months ago

From a quest that requires you to be level 30. Wow.
They even removed it from the vendor that used to sell it.

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