Yorus Barleybrew Location in WoW Classic

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If you are an Alliance Warrior and have reached level 20, you are surely going to encounter a special class chain quest that involves a long journey. This quest ties in to many other specific Warrior Class quests and it requires finding a rather motivated dwarf named Yorus Barleybrew.

You can visit Yorus Barleybrew without even having to pick up his specific quest, Yorus Barleybrew, which can be picked up from either Wu Shen in Stormwind City or Darnath Bladesinger in Darnassus.

You will find Yorus Barleybrew standing right by the fireplace in a cozy inn located in Lakeshire. He will provide you with The Rethban Gauntlet and The Shieldsmith Warrior Class quests.


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