Shadowtooth Emissary & Wild Gods Quest Guide – Season of Discovery

season of discovery phase 3 shadowtooth emissary npc the wild gods questline

The Wild Gods quest is tied to a special Rune for each Class in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery. It will also be your ticket to some useful pre-raid BiS gear and Darkmoon Cards (obtained from the Shadowtooth Bag).

The quest will begin with the Shadowtooth Emissary in Felwood, who will help you obtain the Agamaggan’s Roar, after which you can head into your pick of three dungeons associated with the quest to collect Wild Offering. After you exchange the initial three of them for your Rune, you can continue farming Wild Offering to purchase useful items from the Shadowtooth Emissary. We will walk you through that process in this guide.

If you are here specifically for your Class’s rune, the process is shared among them all, and completing The Wild Gods quest below will get you yours:

Step 1: Shadowtooth Emissary (Felwood)

First, you will need to pick up quest The Wild Gods from Shadowtooth Emissary in the Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood at (51.5, 82.1). This first quest is not shareable, so make sure you grab it yourself.

Step 2: Obtain Wildwhisper Draught in Jintha’Alor (The Hinterlands)

The Shadow Emissary will send you to Jintha’Alor in The Hinterlands to kill Elite Trolls for Wildwhisper Draught. Only one player in your group needs this item.

jinthaalor hinterlands wildwhisper draught
Location of the Elite Trolls in The Hinterlands

Step 3: Obtain Agamaggan’s Roar in Razorfen Downs (The Barrens)

Once you have Wildwhisper Draught, head over to Razorfen Downs in The Barrens. Clear the final boss, Amnennar the Coldbringer, as well as all enemies nearby and drink your Wildwhisper Draught (only one player needs to do this). Speak to the Spirit of Agamaggan to receive the next quest as well as the Agamaggan’s Roar that you will need for it.

Step 4: Collect 3 Wild Offerings from Dungeons

Now that you have your Agamaggan’s Roar, you will be tasked with collecting 3 Wild Offerings. This requires you to find stealthed NPCs, Delirious Ancients, in high-level dungeons, after killing 3 bosses in the area (this definitely works in Zul’Farrak, but the exact method for other dungeons is still a bit uncertain, though it still seems to involve killing the bosses).

You can do these in any order, and you can get all 3 of the Wild Offerings from the same instance, but we will list them below in order of dungeon level:

  • Delirious Ancient (spider) – Zul’Farrak – Wandering around Ghaz’rilla’s pool.
  • Delirious Ancient (devilsaur) – Maraudon – In the water near Princess Theradras at the end of the dungeon.
  • Delirious Ancient (basilisk) – Blackrock Depths – Spawns on the Dark Iron Highway, near Bael’gar.

Once the conditions are met for a Delirious Ancient to spawn, you will get a “You feel a shadowed presence” emote in the chat. When you find the ghostly mob, blow Agamaggan’s Roar. The NPC will become hostile, a level 52 Elite. Kill them and they will drop a Wild Offering.

This NPC can be killed once per dungeon lockout, so resetting the dungeon and running it again is an option, as was mentioned previously.

Step 5: Return to the Shadowtooth Emissary (Felwood)

Once you have all 3 Wild Offerings head back to the Shadowtooth Emissary in Felwood to receive your Rune.

When you talk to the Shadowtooth Emissary again, she will be a vendor, selling items for any additional Wild Offerings you will bring her. The items offered by this vendor are pre-raid gear and the Shadowtooth Bag, which will get you Darkmoon Cards:


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