WoW Classic Lunar Festival Guide

Lunar Festival

It’s a special time of year where the Night Elf Druids of Nighthaven give thanks in remembrance of their defeat of the Burning Legion many thousands of years ago. It is also a day of celebration for all of the rest of the denizens of Azeroth, where they honor their elders and those who came before. The Lunar Festival is celebrated with festive garments, sumptuous feasts, and of course – amazingly dazzling fireworks displays! Join in the festivities and honor the elders yourself for the opportunity to earn exciting rewards!

Lunar Festival Quests

Lunar Festival Pics Valadar

There are a number of quests related to the Lunar Festival that unlock a number of fantastic prizes, or at least lead you to be able to unlock them.
Starting Quests: These are the starter quests and are designed mostly for newer and lower level characters. They guide you on a short path which ends in the town of Nighthaven in Moonglade. If you are a Druid, or otherwise already have the flight path to Nighthaven, you can simply go there and skip straight to the meeting with Valadar Starsong.

On the other hand, if you aren’t a Druid or don’t have the flight path, these quests not only allow you to get to Moonglade easily, but also reward you with Cenarion Circle reputation!

The Lunar Festival
This is a very simple point to point quest. Seek out one of the Lunar Festival Heralds in any of the main cities. They will have a quest telling you to seek out the Harbinger for that city. Do as they ask and find the harbinger, who will finish this quest and have another for you.

Lunar Fireworks
Once you find the Lunar Harbinger, they will bid you to launch 8 Lunar Fireworks and 2 Cluster Fireworks, then return to them. Once you’ve fired off your rockets and returned to the harbinger, they will finish that quest for you and send you on one more.

Valadar Starsong
Now that you’ve gotten your Lunar Festival Invitation, you can step into the greater moonlight and use it to travel to Nighthaven in Moonglade. Once there, the celebration will be in full swing around you. The first thing you’ll want to do is find Valadar Starsong, who will complete the quest for you and instruct you on how to honor the Elders.

Very important here is to make sure to pick up the flight path for Nighthaven if you do not already have it, as you will not be able to repeat the quest that brought you to Moonglade, should you leave via hearth or other teleportation.

Elune’s Blessing
This quest requires level 60 and is unrelated to both the previous starter quests, as well as the Coin of Ancestry quests explained in the next section. You can receive it from Valadar Starsong upon reaching the appropriate level. He asks you to summon and defeat Omen, a hero of the ancient world, now driven mad by demonic influences. Once done, return to Valadar for your reward.

This quest is the only way to acquire Elune’s Lantern, a fantastic magical trinket which transforms Solid Stones into Elune Stones which create a column of moonlight where they are used.

Coins of Ancestry Quests

The quests are unrelated to any of the previous quests and do not require you to have completed them before hand. All you need do is simply find the many Elders standing in columns of moonlight all across Azeroth and speak to them to complete the quest. There are 50 in all, 24 in the Eastern Kingdoms and 26 in Kalimdor and each Elder gives you a Coin of Ancestry. There is no known way to complete all of the quests, but the more you have, the more you can spend on rewards in Nighthaven.

Lunar Festival Guide Pics Elder

In addition to the Coin of Ancestry, you will also receive a Lucky Red Envelope in the mail from each elder you speak to. These envelopes can contain an Elder’s Moonstone, which does almost exactly what the Elune Stones do, or a Lucky Rocket Cluster, which offers a sizable health buff for a half an hour.

Repeatable Quests

These quests are those that have you turn in Coins of Ancestry in exchange for various rewards and goods. They’re all pretty simple turn-in quests and require no additional actions from the player beyond having Coins of Ancestry.

Lunar Festival Pics Fariel

Quests without level requirements

These are the easiest quests and offer mostly cosmetic rewards. They are offered to players by Valadar Starsong.

  • Festive Lunar Dresses: Get your choice of three different dresses, as well as a box of fireworks when you turn in 5 Coins.
  • Festive Lunar Pant Suits: More of a track suit kind of person? Turn in 5 Coins and get your choice of Lunar Pantsuits and some fireworks to boot!
  • Festival Dumplings: For just one Coin, you get 8 dumplings. No mere leveled food item, these dumplings restore both health and mana at a rate of 4 % over 24 seconds!
  • Elune’s Candle: Elune’s Candle shoots off fireworks at your target, which can be used to freeze the Minions of Omen where they stand. You need to turn in 5 coins to acquire this wonderous item.

Level Required Quests

These are pretty basic too, in that there are simple turn-ins for a specific reward. They are offered by Fariel Starsong, Valadar’s sister and all require you to turn in 5 Coins of Ancestry.

  • Small Rockets: This quest can be completed at level 25 and rewards a Lunar Festival Fireworks pack, along with three Small Rocket Recipes.
  • Large Rockets: This quest can be completed at level 35 and rewards a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, along with three Large Rocket Recipes.
  • Cluster Rockets: This quest can be completed at level 45 and rewards a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, along with three Cluster Rocket Recipes.
  • Firework Launcher: This quest can be completed at level 45 and rewards a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, along with the schematics for a Firework Launcher.
  • Festive Recipes: This quest can be completed at level 50 and rewards a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, along with either the Festive Dress, or the Festive Pant Suit pattern.
  • Large Cluster Rockets: This quest can be completed at level 55 and rewards a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, along with three Large Cluster Rocket Recipes.
  • Cluster Launcher: This quest can be completed at level 45 and rewards a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, along with the schematics for a Cluster Launcher.
Lunar Festival Guide Pics Fireworks

Well, that’s pretty much everything you can do at the Lunar Festival! Hopefully this guide has been fun and informative. Make sure to shoot of as many fireworks as you can to…you know, honor your elders or whatever. Happy Moon!


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