Gnomeregan 10-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

season of discovery phase 2 gnomeregan entrance
  • Author: lettara
  • Date: February 16, 2024
  • Updated: February 16, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Welcome to our strategy guide for the 10-man version of Gnomeregan! This raid is available starting at level 40 in Phase 2 and offers six unique bosses including one never-before-seen encounter: The Mechanical Menagerie!

This guide aims to help you understand how best to prepare yourself and your raid group for Gnomeregan by giving you an overview of each encounter, providing an in-depth explanation of each boss, discussing positioning, and how you can set yourself up for success.

Finding the Entrance to Gnomeregan

gnomeregan location

Gnomeregan can be found in the top left of corner on Dun Morogh. Be careful though, as there are dozens of level 40 elite leper gnomes guarding the entrance. And, if you play on a PvP server, the area leading up to the entrance is frequently a blood bath.

Ideal Raid Composition

Building a raid composition for Gnomeregan can be tricky. For starters, most of the fights heavily favor ranged DPS. You’ll want to bring at least two ranged DPS with you, but ideally 3-6 in order to combat various mechanics throughout the instance. It is also worth noting that Mechanical units tend to have very high armor, making caster DPS generally better than physical.

The entire raid, with the exception of the 5th boss, Mechanical Managerie, is easily doable with a single tank. The Mechanical Managerie, however, can utilize up to 3 tanks and having at least 2 is strongly recommended. If at all possible, try and find DPS players who can double as tanks i.e. Warriors, Retribution Paladins and Feral Druids.

Make sure that your raid has at least one interrupter, but ideally 2-3.

Gnomeregan can get very healing intensive, so it is recommended to bring at least 2 healers.

In addition to the standard consumables you would use for your role, your raid team may see lots of value from the following:

Boss Encounters


grubbis 1

Grubbis, the toxic Trogg overlord of Gnomeregan, accompanied by his trusty basilisk companion Chomper, will be the initial challenge you face. Vanquish endless waves of Troggs and dodge radioactive flatulence to emerge victorious!

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Viscous Fallout

viscous fallout

The ceaseless radiation has taken on a sentient existence embodied by toxic oozes. Over time, countless oozes have merged, giving rise to a distinctive consciousness of their own: Viscous Fallout.

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Crowd Pummeler 9-60

crowd pummeler

The stolen invention of Mekgineer Thermaplugg, the Crowd Pummeler 9-60, has acquired unprecedented mechanical might. Dodge mechanized punches and rotating gears to avoid being hurled from the heights of Gnomeregan to your death.

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Electrocutioner 6000

electrocutioner 6000

The Electrocutioner 6000, the shockingly difficult fourth encounter in Gnomeregan, has mastered the power of electricity and is prepared to zap you with it. Once a Gnomish lieutenant, he now operates under the control of Thermaplugg.

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Mechanical Menagerie

mechanical menagerie

The penultimate encounter of the Gnomeregan raid, the Mechanical Menagerie presents a unique council fight featuring four formidable animal bosses. These farm animals may be cute, but do not be fooled: each one is prepared to put a wrench in the gears of your raid.

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Mekgineer Thermaplugg

mekgineer thermaplugg

Responsible for Gnomeregan’s radioactive turmoil stands Mekgineer Thermaplugg, a formerly respected Gnomish engineer, whose thirst for power led him to the ultimate betrayal. Now in control of the once great Gnomish capital, Thermaplugg asserts his dominance with unparalleled engineering prowess.

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