Season of Discovery Farming Overview

season of discovery chest farming guide

Farming can change drastically with level caps never before experienced in World of Warcraft. Some items never seen as useful are now essential, and some creative methods are taken advantage of.

Phase 1


Stumbling onto a chest in the wild is always a thrill, but farming for them can net some serious profit if you know where to look.

Humbert’s Helm

Physical DPS and gold farmers gather around for one of the most valuable items in Phase 1.

Grizzby’s Runes

All of the items for this quest chain can be fairly tedious to farm, so why not make the process a little easier with our guides?

Shredder Turbochargers

Requiring an item made by Engineers, this is a particularly annoying item to farm.

Dark Iron Ordinance

Possibly the easiest of the three, gather your friends and your friend’s friends and decimate local dwarfs in your area.

Iridescent Pearls

Forget about Golden Pearls, at level 25 it’s all about the Iridescent Pearls.


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I love MMOs of all shades, especially the nitty gritty numbers parts of them. You might recognize me from the Shadow Priest discord, otherwise I play a little bit of everything, especially games with support roles available.
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