Where to Find Coded Warlock Notes – Season of Discovery

where to find coded warlock notes in season of discovery tanaris

The Coded Warlock Notes are an item needed for obtaining two Class runes in Phase 3 — Mental Dexterity Rune for Shamans, and the Pain and Suffering Rune for Priests. You will find this item in Tanaris, and will then need to find its accompanying item, Wastewander Cipher, in order to obtain the item that will get you the Rune. Note that, when hunting for these as a group, only one Shaman or Priest needs to have the two items to obtain the runes for everyone else.

We will walk you through the process in the guide below.

Where to Find Coded Warlock Notes & Wastewander Cipher for Them (Tanaris)

Head over to northeast Tanaris, into the area just a little west of the Steamwheedle Port (see the map below). Here, you will need to kill some Wastewander mobs to obtain the Coded Warlock Notes and the Wastewander Cipher to decode them.

where to find mental dexterity rune in tanaris locations of wastewander mobs
Locations of Wastewander mobs in Tanaris

How to Use Coded Warlock Notes

Once you got the Notes and the Cipher, combine the two items to receive the Deciphered Warlock Notes.

Now, head over to (58, 36) to find a Cryptic Scroll of Summoning on the ground. It will have a tooltip name, but it will not be clickable. Stand on top of it and use the Deciphered Warlock Notes you just created.

where to find mental dexterity rune in tanaris cryptic scroll of summoning
Location of the Cryptic Scroll of Summoning at (58, 36)

This will summon an Enraged Voidwalker. Kill this Elite mob and it will drop the Pain and Suffering or Mental Dexterity Rune, depending on your Class.


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