Skinning Guide for Season of Discovery (SoD) Phase 2

Skinning Guide for Season of Discovery (SoD)
  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: February 17, 2024
  • Updated: February 17, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Season of Discovery changes up the Classic WoW meta with lower level caps, which also limits what items you can craft and use. For the Skinning profession, that means you’ll be skinning lower level mobs for materials used by Leatherworkering, Tailoring, and Engineering.

Skinning Leveling & Trainers

Check out our Classic Skinning Guide for trainer locations, a leveling guide, and more. Everything in that guide should apply to Season of Discovery. Just keep in mind that the first 3 phases of Season of Discovery will have lower skill caps, so you won’t be able to level all the way to 300 yet.

Phase 2 Skinning Skill

Phase 2 of Season of Discovery brings the skill cap for professions to 225, or Expert level. Artisan skills have been changed to require level 41, so we won’t be able to learn those until Phase 3.

Expert-level gathering professions can be learned from any trainer for that skill, so you don’t have to track down a specific trainer to learn Expert Skinning. Just visit the nearest city and ask a guard for directions.

The only way to extend your skill beyond the cap is with the Enchant Gloves – Skinning enchantment, which will allow you to reach up to 230 total Skinning skill.

Phase 2 Skinning Equipment

There is no special equipment that gives Skinning skill, only a single glove enchantment. You’ll need to find someone with the appropriate Enchanting formula:

Phase 2 Leather to Farm

So far, no new leather or hides have been added in Season of Discovery. Skinning works the same as it did in vanilla World of Warcraft, just with lower level caps.

Here is everything you can skin in Phase 2 of Season of Discovery:

Used For
Enemy Level
Many Leatherworking patterns
Many Leatherworking patterns
Elites in Wailing Caverns
Elites in Wailing Caverns


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