WoW Classic Chest Locations – A Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Azeroth

Wow Classic Chest Farming A Treasure Hunter’s Guide To Azeroth

Scattered all across the realms and nations of Azeroth is one thing that appeals to every player, no matter which faction, class, or race.  Treasure.  In every zone in the game you can find at least one container filled with random loot hidden away from prying eyes.  Sometimes they’re in caves, sometimes in fortresses and sometimes even on top of high peaks.  The point is – there’s treasure to be found, and if you want to be the one to find it, listen carefully.

The aim of this guide is to help you find the locations, and in some situations, methods of procuring, every loot chest in the game.  It also offers some helpful tips on how to acquire these treasured containers without dying, as it is often easy to do when searching for them.  The chests themselves are often the same object appearing in more than one zone and they respawn regularly.

Dwarves are particularly good at finding treasure chests, due to their racial ability to track them with the minimap.  If you’re interested in finding a lot of chests, it pays to have a dwarf with you, or better yet, just be one!

Starting Zones

To get started, we’ll take a look at the starting zones and the chests that can be acquired within them.

Dun Morogh

In the Dwarven and Gnome starting zone of Dun Morogh, check in the southwestern part of the map, in the most southwestern part of the Coldridge Valley for one version of the Battered Chest.  Look for the other version scattered throughout the rest of the main part of the zone.

Elwynn Forest

In the starting lands of the humans, look pretty much all over.  One version of the Battered Chest is predominantly found in the very early parts of the zone, near Northshire Abby, while the other can be found throughout Elwynn.


Within the boughs of the great tree Teldrassil resides both the Night Elven Capitol of Darnassus, as well as the Night Elf Starting Village of Shadowglen.  Again, as in Elwynn Forest, both versions of the Battered Chest can be found here.  The first can be found exclusively in Shadowglen, while the other is encountered throughout the zone.


Orc and Troll players can find many of these chests at Terrigrade Keep, as well as the canyon northeast of Razor Hill.  Be wary in the canyon though, as the harpies there are numerous and can sometimes swarm and overwhelm unprepared players.


The Battered Chests in Mulgore, tend to be around the outskirts of the zones, often in caves, or other tucked away places.  There are quite a few of them, but they are scattered all around.

Tirisfal Glades

Like Elwynn Forest and Teldrassil, the starting zone for the Forsaken has two types of Battered Chests to find.  One is found exclusively in Deathknell and the crypt there.  Another is found more widespread throughout the zone.  Be very careful when hunting for chests in Agamand Mills, as it is very easy to find oneself completely outnumbered by the Scourge here.

Low to Mid Level Zones: 10 – 35

In these zones you will find both higher level versions of the Battered Chest, as well as several versions of the Solid Chest.


In Ashenvale, look for Battered Chests almost exclusively in the northeast section of the map, but be careful.  Some of the most powerful mobs in the zone spawn in the Zoram Strand.  You’ll find two types of Solid Chests as well, one version throughout the middle of the map  and the other mostly on the Eastern parts of the zone, near Splintertree Post and Horde territory.

The Barrens

There are both types of Battered Chests in The Barrens.  One seems to appear almost in each of the four corners of the zone and one that can be found scattered all over the Northern Barrens, especially in the areas northeast and southwest of the Crossroads:  Always be wary in the barrens, as the level of mobs can change swiftly and suddenly, as you traverse the zone.  You’ll also find some Solid Chests here as well that can be found in the most southwestern corner of the map.


Darkshore is another zone that is home to two types of Battered Chests, but is also a zone that lacks abundant significant dangers.  Both types seem to be scattered all over the zone.


In Duskwood you will find Solid Chests of two varieties, both are scattered all across the zone in multiple locations.

Hillsbrad Foothills

In the foothills, you will find two types of Solid chests, one type is found off the coast near Azureload Mine and near the farm swarming with gnolls, the other type can only be found within Durnhold Keep.

Loch Modan

Another zone that is home to two chest types of the same name, Loch Modan is home to many Battered Chests.  One kind is found exclusively on the Western side of the zone, whilst the other kind is found only in the East.  Be especially careful in all of the Eastern parts of Loch Modan, especially in the Northeast where the Mo’grosh Ogre Clan resides.  These Ogres are the highest level mobs in the zone and have been known to be a bit much, even for a player of their level.

Redridge Mountains

Almost all of the Battered Chests that can be found in this zone are found north of the Alliance town of Lakeshire.  The rest of the zone, especially the eastern most section, is filled with Solid Chests.  Be wary throughout Redridge, as the Gnolls and Blackrock Orcs here are abundant and like to stealth and wait for the unprepared traveler.

Silverpine Forest

In the Silverpine forest, there are two types of Battered Chests.  One type can be found only on, or around Fenris Isle, while the second is scattered throughout the zone.

Stonetalon Mountains

This somewhat higher level zone is home to only one type of Battered Chest and it can be found plentifully in Windshear Mine, but they also appear in the very center of the zone and where the zone meets The Barrens.  Be on guard for the Shredders in the crag, as they have been known to wipe out whole groups of adventurers.  In the southwestern most portion of the map, in a sub zone called the Charred Vale, players will also find a somewhat large cluster of Solid Chests as well.

Thousand Needles

In the vast gorge of Thousand Needles, you’ll find just one type of Solid Chest, which is scattered on the north and south edges of the northwestern side of the canyon lands.


The Alliance zone of Westfall is home to two types of Battered Chests.  One is found only in the most south eastern part of the zone map, the other can be found all over the zone, but especially in Jangolode Mine and the Gold Coast Quarry.

The Wetlands

The Wetlands hold two types of Solid Chests, one type is found scattered throughout the western part of the zone, but especially within the swamp delta (, while the second type can be found in the northern and south western peaks.

Mid Level Zones: 30 – 50

Within these zones you’ll find almost exclusively Solid Chests of various types.

Alterac Mountains

Two types of Solid Chests can be found in Alterac, one almost exclusively inside the town of Strahnbrad, but also scattered within the mountains,  the other predominantly within the Ruins of Alterac, and scattered north of the snow covered zone.

Arathi Highlands

In the Arathi Highlands there are two versions of Solid Chests.  One of them can be found either within the Witherbark Troll Village, or on the farm just northeast of the Great Gate, while the other version can be found predominantly within Stromgarde Keep, but also at several other locations throughout the zone, including off the coast, under the water.


Of the two types of Solid Chests that can be found in the Badlands, one of them can only be found far to the Southwest of the zone, near Dustbelch Grotto.  The other type can be found scattered in several locations throughout the zone, but are clustered somewhat within Angor Fortress.


The barren landscape of Desolace contains two different types of Solid Chests.  One type can be found predominantly in the northeast and within Thunderaxe Fortress, the other in the southwest, especially within the Valley of Spears.

Duskwallow Marsh

The two types of Solid Chests in Duskwallow are pretty straightforward to find.  One type is found mostly in the South, while the other is found almost exclusively to the North.

The Hinterlands

Find one version of the Solid Chest at the Altar of Zul and the troll ruins to the west of it, and find the other version throughout the Troll City of Jintha’ Alor and the Eastern portion of the map.

Searing Gorge

There is only one type of chest to be found within the Searing Gorge, and you can find it pretty much throughout the zone.

Stranglethorn Vale

There are three versions of the Solid Chest in Stranglethorn Vale.  Two of them can be found in the North part of the zone, especially just to the north of the entrance to Zul’Gurub.  The third type is scattered throughout the southern part of the jungle, especially within the troll ruins East of the Arena.

Swamp of Sorrows

The pickins are slim in the Swamp of Sorrows, but you can still find some treasure chests here.  One version of the Solid Chest can be found scattered along the Eastern coast, while another can be found exclusively within the Fallow Sanctuary.


There are only about three places to find Solid Chests in Tanaris.  One version of the chest is found in a huge cluster, just to the north of the Caverns of Time and east of Gadgetzan.  Another version can be found in two separate clusters, one just to the West of the Caverns of Time, the other, far to the East, North of the Gate to Uldum.

High Level Zones:  Levels: 45 – 60

In these zones, you’ll find pretty much only Solid Chests as well, but there is also at least one instance of a Large Solid Chest.


In Azshara, look for one version of the Solid Chest as you follow the road East from Ashenvale.  Look for another version on the peninsulas to the North and South of the zone.

The Blasted Lands

There is only one type of Solid Chest in the Blasted lands and they can be found either within Dreadmaul Hold, on near some caves, south of Nethergarde Keep.

The Burning Steppes

Only one type of Solid Chest can be found in the Burning Steppes, and it can be found throughout the zone in various locations.

Eastern Plaguelands

There are two versions of the Solid Chest that can be found in the Eastern Plaguelands.  One is set in small numbers, in specific locations:  Corin’s Crossing, Darrowshire and the Plaguewood.  The other version is found clustered in a number of Scourge held locations throughout the zone, as well as in Tyr’s Hand.

Western Plaguelands

The Western Plaguelands has one type of Solid Chest that can be found scattered throughout the center of the zone, but especially in the Ruins of Andorhal.  A Cluster of Large Solid Chests spawn here as well, exclusively within Hearthglen.


Winterspring has one type of Solid Chest that spawns scattered along the meridian of the zone, though there is a cluster point of about four, just East of Everlook.  Watch out for yeti!

Well, that’s all of them!  Hopefully, that info will help you find the treasure you oh, so desperately seek.  Make sure to refer back to this guide every time you enter a new zone, to see where all of the treasure chests spawn at.  Happy Treasure Hunting!


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