Fel Portals – Locations and How to Use in Season of Discovery Phase 3

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Phase 3 of Season of Discovery added Fel Portals to Azeroth — but what’s inside them, and how do we get whatever it is? In this guide, we’ll go over how the portals work, where to find them, and what Warlocks and Mages can do with them.

What is a Fel Portal?

Fel Portals come in the form of Fel Cracks, Fel Rifts, Fel Tears, Fel Slivers, and Fel Scars and can be found throughout Azeroth. With the use of an Explorer Imp, Warlocks are able to extract loot from them, while Mages can close them to obtain the Balefire Bolt Rune.

fel portal by a mountain season of discovery
A Fel Portal

How to Find Fel Portals

You can find Fel Portals at set points in the world. There are 5 types of Fel Portal, with different names. To make them more easy to locate, you can use the following macro:

/Target Fel Sliver
/Target Fel Tear
/Target Fel Crack
/Target Fel Rift
/Target Fel Scar

Fel Sliver Locations

Here are the known locations of Fel Slivers:

Fel Crack Locations

Here are the known locations of Fel Cracks:

Fel Tear Locations

Here are the known locations of Fel Tears:

Fel Scar Locations

Here are the known locations of Fel Scars:

Fel Rifts

We are still looking for Fel Rifts! When we find some, their locations will be noted here.

How to Use Fel Portals

Warlocks – Explorer Imp

Warlocks have gained access to a new companion, the Explorer Imp, in Phase 3 of SoD. Upon finding a portal, you can talk to your Explorer Imp and send it through the portal. You’ll get the Imp on a Mission debuff, which prevents you from summoning another Explorer Imp, until your Imp returns. After 18 minutes and 30 seconds, your Imp will finish his mission in the portal. When he returns, you will receive your Otherworldly Treasure.

Portals stay open for 5 seconds after an imp enters it, so other nearby Warlocks can also send their imps in before it becomes unusable. After 8 minutes, the portal will respawn. Note that you can also use a Scroll of Spatial Mending to close the portal after you send your Imp in. Doing so will spawn a Fel Mob — kill the mob to receive an additional reward.

For details on the Explorer Imp, check out our guide on How to Get and Use the Explorer Imp.

Mage – Scroll of Spatial Mending

Mages can interact with Fel Portals as well. To do so, they need to use a Scroll of Spatial Mending. This scroll in turn requires Enchanting (120), as that’s the minimum Enchanting level to use Formula: Scroll of Spatial Mending, which is a possible drop from the Otherworldly Treasure. Once you have a Scroll of Spatial Mending, find a Fel Portal, then use the scroll on it — doing so will earn you the Balefire Bolt rune .

Fel Portal Rewards

There are runes for Mages and Warlocks tied to the Fel Portals:

Even after getting both related runes, Warlocks can still send their Explorer Imp into any Fel Portal they find to receive Otherworldly Treasure. There are many useful items you can gain by sending your imp into portals, including some items unique to the Otherworldly Treasure (see below) — you’ll also find some Rare and Uncommon items with random enchantments, and plenty of Common Items to use or sell in the Auction House as well.

The following Bind on Equip Items can only be acquired from Otherworldly Treasure:

The following Bind on Pick Up Items can be acquired only from Otherworldly Treasure:


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1 month ago

scar maps aren’t clickable…

heavy warlock
heavy warlock
1 month ago

i can’t play from morning but i must be on PC so i afk in azshara 25,47 and get 4-5 portals for 8 hours in my remote job. server is not very populated so alliance don’t kill me. it’s also monsters free spot. at least 2 screens are required tho

Last edited 1 month ago by heavy warlock
1 month ago

Is it exatcly 18mins and 30 seconds the time that Imps take to come back?

Last edited 1 month ago by Lucas
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