How To Get the Black Murloc Egg in Season of Discovery

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The Black Murloc Egg is a novelty trinket available from Gelihast in Blackfathom Deeps. Using this Trinket will summon a shadowy murloc named M’grrgl for 30 minutes.

As long as this murloc is following you, you will have M’grrgl’s Protection, giving you 5 Shadow Resistance, but more importantly, the buff confirms that M’grrgl likes you. While the Shadow Resistance is something, 5 Shadow Resistance isn’t going to make or break anything, and you are better off using other trinkets such as Avenger’s Void Pearl and Rune of Duty, even as a Tank.

The drop rate for this trinket is very low, making it a rare and difficult to obtain item. The long duration matched with a 10 minute cooldown makes this a fun novelty item, giving you a pseudo-mini pet to show off around capital cities.

M’grrgl will not assist you in combat, opting instead to just hang out around your ankles. He cannot be targeted or interacted with, but will occasionally make some of the usual murloc noises you might expect. Surprisingly, M’grrgl is exclusive with mini pets, meaning that summoning one will despawn M’grrgl, removing the +5 Shadow Resistance from M’grrgl’s Protection.

Interestingly, the flavor text “M’grrgl glgrr r’yleh” is a reference to the Call of Cthulu by author H.P. Lovecraft. R’lyeh is an underwater city that serves as a prison to Cthulu. H.P. Lovecrafts books and the overhauled Blackfathom Deeps share many similar themes of Old Gods, insanity and the void.


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4 months ago

Interestingly enough I would argue this Trinket is BiS for Mage Healer for Gelihast and Kelris fights and here’s why:
On my Arcane Mage I take 3/5 Magic Absorption Talent instead of 3/3 Imp Arcane Explosion.
With Undead Racial 10SR, 10SR Cloak Enchant, 10SR Pearl, 5SR Staff, 5SR Wand, 5SR Black Murloc, 6Res Magic Absorb = 51SR + 25Res Magic Resistance Potion +25Res Darkmoon Faire Buff = 101 Shadow Res.
This allows me to run into all the bosses Shadow Crashes to fully resist and generate mana back. I 50% Resist about half of the Shadow Murlocs so they are still dangerous. When you Full Res Kelris’ Shadow Crash, it does not spawn the shadow damage aoe cloud.
You also just randomly resist a lot of the trash mobs spells and generate Mana throughout the raid passively.

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