Gelihast 10 Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

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This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with Gelihast, the Blindlight Murloc cursed by the Old Gods he freely serves.


  • Avoid shadow murlocs
  • Avoid void zones
  • Kill tentacles
  • Taunt swap at 2 stacks
  • Handle the Curse appropriately

Raid Composition & Preparation

For this fight you will need two tanks to handle the taunt swap mechanic.

The Pull

The murlocs in Gelihasts room can very easily chain pull. They also apply a Curse to random players. Dispelling this Curse causes the target to be Feared instead, potentially running directly into the room. To best handle this, simply do not dispel the effect, and pull the murlocs out of the room with ranged attacks and interrupts. Make sure you clear the room before pulling, you will need all the space you can get.

The Fight


Just like the trash before the boss, Gelihast will place Curse of Agony on random raid members. Dispelling this will cause them to be feared instead, so you will need to manage this by either dispelling the fear with Tremor Totem or Dispel, or simply heal through the damage. Additionally, tanks will have a stacking debuff and will need to taunt swap at around 2 stacks.

Once the boss “dies”, he will retreat to his altar, becoming (almost) immune to damage. This marks the transition Phase, and this is where the bulk of the danger exists. While he recovers from his injuries, the room will be flooded by tiny shadow murlocs, as well as void zones. Stepping on either of those will kill the player very quickly, making it vital that you avoid them. This can get quite hectic, so make sure all of your focus is on avoiding the bullet hell, not on damaging the boss.

After reducing Gelihasts health to 0 a second time, he will start spawning tentacles to go with his murlocs and void zones. These tentacles need to be DPSed down to minimize raid damage. Very high DPS groups can potentially ignore them, instead burning down the boss, but this is very risky and should most likely not be attempted early into the Phase.

After teaching him the same lesson 3 times, the fight will finally end. Congratulations on defeating Gelihast! Next up is the gauntlet, make sure your entire group is ready for this one, because you will not get any breaks.


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