Where to Farm Iridescent Pearls? – Season of Discovery Classic

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Iridescent Pearls are one of the most sought-after items in the Season of Discovery at this low-level bracket! They serve as core crafting material for multiple recipes, being used by the Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Enchanting professions. This guide will show you where you can farm Iridescent Pearls and how to acquire them as fast as possible.

Iridescent Pearls can be dropped by a large variety of mobs, however, their drop chance is extremely low, with most mobs having around 0.02%-00.6% chance to drop an Iridescent Pearl. Just like in the real world, they can be often found hiding inside clams. There are two specific types of clams at this low-level bracket that consistently drop Iridescent Pearls: the Giant Clam and the Thick-shelled Clam. The former type can be found throughout multiple regions of Azeroth, often at deep depths while the latter can be looted from Murlocs and Naga!

Giant Clam Farming Locations

The first method of farming Iridescent Pearls is opening Giant Clams found throughout Azeroth. Each Giant Clam has a 4% chance to drop an Iridescent Pearl. Since they are usually found at deep depths, Druids with Acquatic Form and Warlocks with Unending Breath have the best chance to farm them consistently. Undead players may also farm them consistently thanks to the Underwater Breathing racial effect.

In terms of efficiency, Druids using the Acquatic Form have the best performance since their swimming speed is greatly improved.

Blackfathom Deeps ~ Ashenvale

giant clams inside bfd
Giant Clams found inside the Blackfathom Deeps Raid


westfall giant clam map locations
Westfall Giant Clams Map Locations


wetlands giant clams map locations
Wetlands Giant Clams Map Locations


darkshore giant clam locations
Darkshore Giant Clams Map Locations

Stranglethorn Valley

stranglethorn valley big clam map locations
Stranglethorn Valley Giant Clams Map Location ~ Inside the Vile Reef

Thick-shelled Clam Farming Locations

There are three main spots where you can acquire Thick-shelled Clams: the Bluegill Marsh in Wetlands, the Western Strand in Hillsbrad Foothills, and inside Blackfathom Deeps in Ashenvale. For the initial phase of the Season of Discovery, only one location can be appropriately used as a consistent farming spot, and that is the Bluegill Marsh in Wetlands. You are free to attempt the other two locations, however, we strongly advise you to stick to the Wetlands farming spots.

Each Thick-shelled Clam has a 3% chance to drop an Iridescent Pearl.

Bluegill Marsh ~ Wetlands

By far the best spot to farm Iridescent Pearls is the Bluegill Marsh in Wetlands. This place is packed with murlocs that have a high respawn rate, with each spot spawning groups of 4-5 mobs. The Bluegill Murloc Tribe features a variety of murlocs, with the majority of them having no special attacks. There is only a single pack of mobs that spawn healing totems that can be found near the Lost Fleet.

The main reason why this is the perfect area for farming the pearls is not the high respawn rate in itself, but rather the very high drop chance of Thick-shelled Clams. This spot is best used by classes that can AoE mobs quickly such as Hunters and Mages, especially since the area is highly contested. Classes that manage to tag mobs instantly will have an easier time farming in this spot.

Western Strand ~ Hillsbrad Foothills

This farming spot would have been perfect if the Torn Fin Murlocs wouldn’t have liked magic so much. Besides the high level of the Torn Fin Murlocs, the main issue with those mobs is that the majority of them are casters. Not only do the Torn Fin Tidehunters spam you with Frost Nova, but the Torn Fin Oracles spam with you Lightning Bolt while also healing any injured Murloc in their vicinity.

Blackfathom Deeps ~ Ashenvale

The elite Naga of Blackfathom Deeps will drop Thick-shelled Clams from time to time which can drop Iridescent Pearls. However, they are quite hard to farm solo since they are Elite Mobs. From an efficiency point of view, you are better off simply farming in the Bluegill Marsh. You may favor Blackfathom Deeps in case all the farming spots in Wetlands are already taken.


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