Getting to the Ironforge Airfield in WoW Classic

Getting To The Ironforge Airfield In Wow Classic

The Ironforge Airfield is one of those secret locations from the WoW of yesteryear that many players found to be a bit of a rite of passage, or simply a fun thing to do when you’d hit 60 and had nothing else.  It was also, like Old Ironforge or Shatterspear Village, one of those locations that nagged at more inquisitive, or explorative players, who could see the location on their maps, but did not know what it was or how to get there.

In the current version of WoW, there is actually a quest chain that gives access to the airfield early on and there is some access to the location on foot through Ironforge itself.   As of the Cataclysm Expansion, players of either faction, in possession of a flying mount, could simply fly directly to the airfield as well.  However, before this, the Ironforge Airfield was a hidden, unfinished location, not meant to be seen by players.

Fortunately for those with the itch to discover hidden locations, reaching the airfield is indeed, very possible.  There are two methods of getting there and both can be a touch tricky, so be prepared to lose a little bit of time on this, because it can take awhile.


Method 1:  Slowfall/Levitate/Parachute

For Mages, Priests and any players that possess a parachute cloak, or similar effect, there is a pretty direct, if difficult route to getting to the Ironforge Airfield.

Dun Morogh Map Finding Airfield

  1. To start, exit Ironforge’s main gate and then head immediately east along a short road that leads to a sort of overlook with a Graveyard.
  2. Cast slowfall, levitate, or equip your parachute and head to the edge of this overlook.  Aim yourself so that you are facing northeast and jump off onto the slopes of the mountain.
  3. Run and jump your way along the southern slopes of the mountains, hugging them as hard as you are able, walking along flat, or simply walkable surfaces when you can.Be careful not to fall down the southern side of the mountains, or you will have to return to the gates of Ironforge and start all over.
  4. Keep heading in a vaguely northeastern direction, navigating around the juts that you are unable to climb in a northward manner.  Take every opportunity to move north and away from the southern slopes of the mountains that you can.
  5. Eventually, the mountains will open out into a small valley and depending on how far north you went, you will either see dwarven buildings and trees, or a big lake.  Either way, congrates!   You’ve just made it to Ironforge Airfield!


Method 2:  Loch Modan to North Gate Pass

This method is a bit more difficult and, frankly, more dangerous, but doesn’t require any slowfalling ability.

Loch Modan Map Finding Airfield

  1. To start, you need to go to Loch Modan, or already be there and be heading back to Dun Morogh via North Gate Pass.
  2. Before you enter the gate from Loch Modan to Northgate Pass, there is a tree to the right of the gate, somewhat up a slope leading up into the mountains.  Go behind this tree and try to climb up the gap there that leads into the mountains above. This can be very tricky and take a while to get just right.
  3. Once you have navigated into the higher mountains, you’ll want to head in a vaguely northwest direction, favoring east.  It’s ok to go north a lot, but try not to go south at all unless you absolutely have to.  If you keep to a northeasterly trek, you will, like with the previous method, come upon a valley with a large lake, some dwarven buildings and dwarf and gnome NPCs running around and fighting troll NCPs.
  4. If you go very far north, you will find a place where the mountains flatten out distinctly and there will be clearly drawn lines between the snowy zone of Dun Morogh and the grassy and dirt zone Loch Modon/The Wetlands.  Following this flattened valley is a very easy path almost directly to the Ironforge Airfield.  However it is incredibly important that you stay away from the northern edge of the mountains here!
  5. Falling down the northern slopes of the mountains here can and usually does lead to immediate death, but worse, for lower level players, it will leave them trapped in the Wetlands, a much higher level zone, where they will have extreme difficulty getting back to Dun Morogh, or even Loch Modan.  For this reason it is important that you hug the southern slopes of the mountains, while still following the flattened path to the airfield.
  6. When you reach some dwarven buildings and what looks like a flightpath on a cliff overlooking the Wetlands, congratulations!  You’ve reached the Ironforge Airfield.  DO NOT MOVE NORTH ANY FURTHER.  The rest of the airfield with all of its buildings and NPCs are to the south.Dun Morogh Map Finding Airfield2

With either method, finding the airfield can take some time and can definitely be frustrating, but keep at it and you will eventually find it.


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4 years ago

There’s another way that you can climb the side of the mountain with well placed jumps and a mount up corners of walls.

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