Lorgus Jett 10 Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

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This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with Lorgus Jett, devout follower of the Twilight’s Hammer.


  • Focus down the Blackfathom Elites
  • Interrupt Priestesses
  • Prioritize killing totems immediately
  • Do not AoE or Cleave during Lightning Shield.

Raid Composition & Preparation

For this fight, you will only need one tank, but having an off-tank can make handling the gauntlet less hectic, as well as allowing a tank swap if the Corrupted Molten Fury Totem fixates on your tank.

The Pull

This fight takes place exclusively in a combat-locked gauntlet. You will be locked into the encounter once you have crossed the waterfall threshold. Make sure everyone is ready beforehand!

The Fight

lorgus jett

The gauntlet is not very difficult, focusing more on depleting your resources before the actual boss. Three types of enemies will spawn, Blackfathom Elites, Blackfathom Priestesses, and non-elite Murlocs. Elites must be focused down ASAP as they can deal heavy damage, while Priestesses should be interrupted instead of focused. The Murlocs don’t pose much of a threat by themselves, but they can cause issues if allowed to attack your healers.

Once you reach the end of the gauntlet, it’s Lorgus Jett’s turn. He doesn’t do much on his own, instead, he will summon 3 different types of totems. All DPS should immediately swap to the totems, no matter which one he places.

The first totem is the Corrupted Molten Fury Totem. This will summon a fireball that will fixate on a player and roll toward them, dealing damage to everyone in its path. The fixated player will want to kite the fireball safely away from the raid, returning once the totem is dead.

The second totem is the Corrupted Windfury Totem. This will grant Lorgus Jett Windfury, giving him a very powerful damage boost while the totem is active.

The third and final totem is the Corrupted Lightning Shield Totem. This will cause Lorgus to retaliate with a heavy damage Chain Lightning every time he is hit, even with cleaves. All DPS, including the tank, will need to immediately swap to the totem and burn it down ASAP before touching Lorgus.

These three totems are consistent in their order, and will always spawn Molten Fury first, Windfury second, and Lightning Shield third.

Congratulations on defeating Lorgus Jett and conquering the gauntlet. Carry on to find Lord Kelris.


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Tank swap on the boss if the tank gets targeted by a fireball

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Not needed

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