Profession Crafted Items in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery (SoD)

New Profession Crafted Items in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery (SoD)

There are many new crafting recipes for Professions in Phase 3. Professions will be a significant part of this phase, with players finally able to reach the level 300 skill cap and craft most of the items in the game.

Note that most of these items are Bind-on-Pickup and can only be used by the character that crafts them. The epic recipes will likely all be learned by completing a quest chain in the Sunken Temple raid.


Alchemists get their hands on some new reusable flasks as well as one additional flask that so far has an unknown purpose:


Blacksmiths will be able to craft three new Shoulder items for themselves:


Enchanters will get their hands on a couple of interesting new items:


Engineers will be able to craft themselves three new options for the Wrist slot:


Leatherworkers will be able to choose from six different options for their Shoulder slot:


Tailors get to craft any of three Shoulder slot items for themselves:


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