Morphaz and Hazzas – Sunken Temple 20-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

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Sent by Ysera to keep watch in the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, just like others before them, this duo fell to the Emerald Nightmare.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with Morphaz and Hazzas, the second of the green dragon duos in Sunken Temple.


  • Don’t be behind or in front of the boss
  • Kill Animated Flames away from melee
  • line-of-sight the boss during Lucid Dreaming
  • Kill Nightmare Vines in the dream
  • Don’t overstay your welcome in the dream


Hazzas deals heavy Nature damage in a frontal cone. Only tanks should ever be in front of the boss.

Like most dragons, Hazzas also deals damage to everyone behind him. Stand at his side to avoid Backfire.

Hazzas debuffs a handful of random players, dealing Nature damage to them every 2 seconds. This cannot be dispelled and will need to be healed through.

Hazzas summons a handful of Animated Flames that will attack the party. Kill them ASAP to avoid being overwhelmed. When a Flame is killed, they will spawn a patch of fire on the floor. Players caught inside these flames will lose control of their character, and will also be prevented from entering the Dream Phase during Lucid Dreaming if they are still on fire.

Animated Flames can be banished if your raid does not have the opportunity to kill them.

Hazzas will stand in the center of the hallway and channel Lucid Dreaming. After a 20-second cast, the raid will be teleported downstairs into the Morphaz portion of the fight.

At the time of writing, at the end of this cast you can break line-of-sight with the boss. Do this by hiding around the corner towards the entrance. If you are out of line-of-sight when the cast finishes, you will not be teleported down and can entirely skip the Morphaz phase of the fight.

Morphaz will channel for 30 seconds, killing everyone still in the Dream Phase at the end. Kill enemies in the dream to spawn a portal, similar to Kelris in Blackfathom Deeps.

Raid Composition & Preparation

For this fight you will need want 1-2 tanks. You can likely get away with just one, especially if you skip the Dream Phase, but two provides a safety net if the Acid Breath becomes too much. This fight can be a long one, so bring at least 4 healers.

The Pull

Make sure everyone comes towards the southern hallway together, as the entrance to the northern section will be blocked by a all of fog when the fight begins. Position the boss in a way that has the raid at the side and the tank at the front.

The Fight

Reality Phase

hazzas strategy map

This fight is currently very simple mechanically. Hazzas will deal damage in front and behind him, so it is important that only the tank is ever in front of the boss. Periodically the boss will place a debuff on a few raid members, dealing Nature damage to them every 2 seconds. This is the primary concern for raid damage. Make sure your healers stay on top of this!

lucid dreaming strategy map

At 80% health, Hazzas will reposition himself to the middle of the room and begin channeling Lucid Dreaming, as well as spawn around 6 Animated Flames. These Fire Elementals can and should be killed, but can also be Banished by Warlocks. They will drop patches of flame where they die, so try to avoid being in melee range when they die. At the end of the 20-second channel, all players in line-of-sight with the boss will be sent into the Dream Phase. At the time of writing, players are avoiding this mechanic entirely, hiding out of line-of-sight and staying in the Reality Phase.

Players in the Reality Phase can purposefully step into a patch of flame, causing them to run around uncontrollably. If they run into a player that is in the Dream Phase, they will wake them up.

Dream Phase

Players in the Dream Phase will be pitted against Morphaz. Morphaz takes 100% increased damage and shares a health pool with Hazzas, which essentially turns this into a burst phase. Within the dream players will have to kill Nightmare Vines to spawn a portal out of the dream. After 30 seconds, everyone still in the dream will be killed by Morphaz, making it vital that you find a portal ASAP.

Morphaz otherwise has no noteworthy mechanics and spends this entire phase channeling.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • Healers are overwhelmed by Dreamer’s Lament
  • Players do not make it out of the Dream Phase
  • Animated Flames cause chaos in the raid

Congratulations on defeating your third and final duo fight. Now it’s time for a real dragon.


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