Jammal’an and Ogom – Sunken Temple 20-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

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The spiritual leader of the Atal’ai, Jammal’an is one of the driving forces in their nefarious rituals within the temple of Atal’Hakkar.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with Jammal’an, the Prophet of Hakkar, and his undead bodyguard Ogom the Wretched.


  • Dispel and Decurse everything
  • Avoid being feared
  • Kill Ogom first
  • Don’t stand in Holy Novas


Jammal’an the Prophet

Jammal’an will occasionally cast this on his target. This doesn’t deal a ton of damage and can be treated as an alternative version of his auto attacks.

Jammal’an periodically casts an AoE Holy Fire, dealing a chunk of damage and placing a DoT on everyone hit.

This DoT is Magic and should be dispelled as it deals significant damage.

Large golden circles appear in various spots throughout the room, dealing AoE Holy damage after a delay. This AoE will linger for a while, so you cannot return to those spots immediately. The raid will need to move out of these ASAP to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

This is the main source of damage in the fight. Jammal’an will channel, sending waves of Penance casts toward the entire raid. This deals heavy damage but cannot be avoided. Healers will need to be on the ball to keep everyone alive while this is happening, as well as topping them off after the cast.

Jammal’an will shield himself, protecting him from a massive amount of damage. This will need to be Purged by a Shaman or Dispelled by a Priest ASAP.

Jammal’an casts briefly before placing a magic debuff on a large amount of the raid. This deals heavy damage and should be dispelled ASAP.

Jammal’an will channel briefly before fearing everyone within melee range. This can be dispelled, or dealt with using Tremor Totem or Paladin Rune Spell. Melee players will want to try and run out before the cast finishes.

Ogom the Wretched

Every 30 seconds Ogom will hit its target with Mortal Lash, reducing the healing they receive by 50% for 15 seconds. For this reason, it is best to prioritize mitigation for Ogoms tank.

Ogom will place an AoE DoT and damage reduction on a handful of players. This is a Curse and should be immediately dispelled to avoid unnecessary damage as well as to make sure DPS can output their full damage.

Raid Composition & Preparation

For this fight you will need two tanks, one for Jammal’an and one for Ogom. You will also likely need at least 5 healers, as this fight as a lot of damage, as well as a lot of debuffs to dispel. Mages and Druids are also very powerful as you will need to remove a lot of Curses over the course of a fight.

The Pull

Clear the room entirely and have both tanks pull each of their bosses at the same time. Keep Jammal’an away from the melee as he is immune to damage and casts an AoE fear on melee enemies.

The Fight

One tank should pull Jammal’an away from the raid as he cannot be damaged. Focus your DPS on burning down Ogom immediately. Ogom is mostly tank and spank, but Jammal’an will be casting various AoE spells on the raid at the same time. Avoid golden markers on the floor and dispel everything dispellable. Once Ogom is dead, the raid will want to turn their attention to Jammal’an. The fight doesn’t change much, but melee will want to weave in and out of range to avoid Psychic Scream.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • Debuffs are not properly dispelled, leading to the raid being overwhelmed
  • Healers fail to keep up with Mass Penance

Congratulations on defeating Jammal’an and Ogom! Next up is another duo fight, so I hope you’re ready.


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3 months ago

In our raid last night, Ogom did not take any damage unntil Jammal’an was killed.

Reply to  Xaladin
2 months ago

They rotate each week

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