WoW Classic Engineering Guide 1 – 300

WoW Classic Engineering Guide 1 - 300

Engineering is certainly one of the more interesting and exciting professions WoW Classic has to offer. If you like explosions, nifty gadgets, and fun toys, engineering is the skill for you! The hunter class especially benefits from engineering, as you can craft guns, ammo, and scopes to use!

On top of the obvious ammo and scope crafting, engineers also can make several utility-oriented items. They can craft bombs that stun all enemies, or even a recombobulator to cancel a polymorph effect!

As an engineer, you also get the flexibility of choosing between Goblin and Gnomish engineering at 200 skill level. Both specializations come with their own unique inventions and creations, but you do have the option to switch. Crafts made from either specialization won’t be required for recipes found in this guide, but you should definitely look into them once you cap your engineering level!

Trainer Locations

Most of your engineering education will be found in major cities until you become an artisan. Until you reach 150 engineering, where you train doesn’t matter, but after that you must train with specific trainers that offer higher level training. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Apprentice (1-75) – Any major city! Just ask a guard where the engineering trainer is, and follow the icon on your map. This includes Darnassus, Ironforge, and Stormwind for Alliance, and Undercity and Orgrimmar for Horde players.
  • Journeyman (75-150) – Very few limitations on where you can train. Any major city you trained for apprentice engineering can also train you as a journeyman.
  • Expert (150-225) – After you reach at least 125 engineering, Alliance players must go to Springspindle Fizzlegear in Ironforge, and Horde players must go to Roxxik in Orgrimmar for advanced techniques.
  • Artisan (225-300) – All players must now make the journey to Gadgetzan to train with Buzzek Bracketswing.

Before You Start!

Save every material that you make! Whether it’s bolts, tubes, blasting powder, or tools, you’ll probably need most of what you make for a future recipe. The last thing you’d want is to have sold a material that you now need several of.

You’ll find a total material list below, which should include every item you’ll need. There will also be material lists within each 75 level bracket, but those are for the minimum amount of materials required. Many recipes will be yellow and green when crafted, so exact amounts may vary. The master list below should be enough to 300 though.

If you learn and train mining 1 to 300, then you’ll probably pick up most of the materials you’ll need to reach 300 engineering. This will save you a ton of money. You’ll still need some cloth and leather, but those you might have to buy.

Total Materials You’ll Need

Every 75 levels will be split into their own portion below, but here’s a complete shopping list of every recommended material you’ll need to boost your engineering from 1-300.

Disclaimer!  The listed materials are estimates only. You may and indeed likely will need far more to get you all the way to 300.  This list assumes you level up most times from a yellow recipe, but anticipate not skilling up several times from a green recipe.

Your exact amounts will vary based on your luck, but this is a rough estimate of what you’ll need:

1-75 (Apprentice)

Mats Required:

* = will be crafted during this guide.


Rough Blasting Powder x40 (1x Rough Stone)

Your first recipe will be an easy one. You’ll want to make at least 40 rough blasting powder, but your goal is reaching 40 engineering level. The recipe will become green at 30, so you’ll need upwards of 90 rough stone to ensure you reach level 40.


Handful of Copper Bolts x10 (1x Copper Bar)

The next recipe will be a component for future recipes. Make sure you don’t sell or destroy these copper bolts, as you’ll need them later! Make 10 and call it a day.


Arclight Spanner x1 (6x Copper Bar)

Much like enchanting, engineering also requires a special tool to craft some of the recipes. The first tool is an arclight spanner, and it’ll also give you a skill up! You’ll only need one.


Copper Tubes x14 (2x Copper Bar + 1x Weak Flux)

You’ll be making another component here – 14 copper tubes to be exact. Weak flux can be purchased from a blacksmithing or engineering supplies vendor found in any major cities. Don’t forget to pick up journeyman engineering so you can raise your level cap to 150.


Rough Boomsticks x10 (1x Copper Tube + 1x Handful of Copper Bolts + 1x Wooden Stock)

The final leg of apprentice engineering will feature a core aspect of the profession – explosives! Your first batch will include 10 rough boomsticks. You already made the copper tubes and copper bolts earlier, so you’ll just need to buy wooden stocks from an engineering supplies vendor.

75-150 (Journeyman)

Mats Required:

* = will be crafted during this guide.


Coarse Blasting Powder x20 (1x Coarse Stone)

Any recipe involving stone often goes green pretty quickly. Coarse blasting powder is no exception, and you’ll want to get to 95 engineering from it. You’ll need upwards of 80 coarse stone to ensure this happens.


Silver Contacts x10 (1x Silver Bar)

Now you’ll craft another part for future recipes. You’ll only need 10 to reach 105 engineering, but consider making 15 here as you’ll need an extra 5 to finish all the recipes in this guide.


Bronze Tubes x20 (2x Bronze Bar + 1x Weak Flux)

Similar to the copper tubes you made earlier, you’ll need weak flux from engineering supplies vendors found in major cities. You’ll want to make 15 bronze tubes, but you won’t actually need them for any recipes in this guide. You can sell them or save them to make some nifty little engineering toys.


Heavy Blasting Powder x20 (1x Heavy Stone)

Time for some more stone transformation! Your goal is to reach 145 engineering level, but you’ll need 75 heavy blasting powder for the rest of the recipes in this guide. Stone is generally cheap, so go ahead and shoot for 75 to square yourself away for future recipes. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you learn expert engineering in Ironforge from Springspindle Fizzlegear if you’re Alliance, and Roxxik in Orgrimmar if you’re Horde.


Small Bronze Bomb x10 (1x Wool Cloth + 1x Silver Contact + 4x Coarse Blasting Powder + 2x Bronze Bar)

Now you’ll make your second batch of explosives! Not only do small bronze bombs deal damage, but they have the added effect of stunning all enemies hit! This makes the bomb an excellent utility tool, so definitely keep them around for the next time you’re surrounded by enemies for a quick escape.


Big Bronze Bombs x5 (2x Heavy Blasting Powder + 3x Bronze Bar + 1x Silver Contact)

You just made the small bronze bomb, but now you’ll be making the big boy! The big bronze bomb does more damage, and stuns enemies in a larger area. Make 5 of these to cap off your journeyman engineering.

150-225 (Expert)

Mats Required:

* = will be crafted during this guide.


Blue, Green, or Red Fireworks x50 (1x Heavy Leather + 1x Heavy Blasting Powder)

Now that you’re an expert engineer, you’re going to make some fireworks! Because what else would an expert engineer do? You can find this recipe available in limited quantity from engineering supplies vendors in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Horde players can make red fireworks, while Alliance can only make blue ones. Both players can craft green fireworks, but you’ll have to travel to Ratchet to buy one off Gagsprocket. Regardless of color, you’ll want to make fireworks until you reach 175 engineering. It might not take 50 heavy leather, but the recipe does turn green at 162, leaving you several levels still to go.


Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor x1 (4x Steel Bar)

The second tool you’ll need as an engineer! This one is a gyromatic micro-adjustor! Don’t you have one in your toolkit at home? This takes just 4 steel bars and you’ll only need one of them.


Solid Blasting Powder x15 (2x Solid Stone)

Now you’re moving on to the penultimate stone recipe. You’ll need 50 solid blasting powder for future recipes, so consider making an extra 30 now to satisfy that requirement.


Big Iron Bomb x5 (3x Iron Bar + 3x Heavy Blasting Powder + 1x Silver Contact)

This isn’t your first time making bombs, but these are the most powerful you’ve made yet. They deal more damage than the big bronze bomb, and stun for an extra second longer. Save these bad boys to toss at your foes or list them on the auction house.


Mithril Tubes x10 (3x Mithril Bar)

Once again you’ll be making some tubes! These tubes are mithril, but you won’t need them for any recipes found in this guide. Mithril tubes are used in several cool gadget recipes, so definitely save them for later.


Unstable Trigger x5 (1x Mithril Bar + 1x Mageweave Cloth + 1x Solid Blasting Powder)

You’ve made tubes, explosives, powders, and tools, but now you’re making a trigger. Watch out, because these triggers aren’t stable. You need to get to 210 engineering, but consider making 10 as you’ll need that many for some bombs coming up!


Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs x15 (1x Mithril Bar + 1x Solid Blasting Powder)

This is the first time you’ll make ammunition! These slugs pack quite a punch and can only be used with guns, something that you can also craft as an engineer. At 215, you can also switch to making mithril casings instead as you’ll need twice as many as you’ll end up making in the next step. Either way, reach 225 engineering and head to Gadgetzan to become an artisan engineer from Buzzek Bracketswing.

225-300 (Artisan)

Mats Required:

* = will be crafted during this guide.


Mithril Casing x10 (3x Mithril Bar)

This is when engineering really starts to get expensive, as mithril and thorium bars don’t come cheap. For this step, you’ll want to reach 235 engineering so you can make hi-explosive bombs. For that recipe, you will need 20 mithril casings, so you’ll probably want to bite the bullet and make 20 here rather than 10.


Hi-Explosive Bomb x10 (2x Mithril Casing + 1x Unstable Trigger + 2x Solid Blasting Powder)

If you thought your previous bombs were cool, think again! The hi-explosive bomb does even more damage than the large iron bomb, but stuns for the same duration. Make 10 of these explosives to reach 245 engineering.


Mithril Gyro-Shot x5 (2x Mithril Bar + 2x Solid Blasting Powder)

At this point, you’re very close to reaching the end! Make some powerful mithril gyro-shot ammunition, which adds a whole 5.0 DPS to any gun. This makes it quite desirable for hunters, so consider selling it on the auction house to recoup some of your investment.


Dense Blasting Powder x10 (2x Dense Stone)

This will be the final stone recipe, which deals with dense stone. You need to get to 260 engineering, but you’ll definitely need to craft more than 10 dense blasting powder. Get closer to 50 dense stone just to be safe.


Thorium Widget x30 (3x Thorium Bar + 1x Runecloth)

By now, you’re probably realizing these final 40 levels won’t be cheap. You’ll need at least 90 thorium bars to reach 290, but you’ll probably need more than 100 to do so, as the recipe does become yellow at 280.


Thorium Tubes x10 (6x Thorium Bar)

You’ve made it to the end and now you need to make the biggest, baddest tube of them all! You’ll need to make at least 10 thorium tubes to reach 300. Definitely save these or sell them on the auction house, as they’re necessary for crafting some of the best guns and scope available to players. Congratulations on your fresh 300 in engineering! Now go train with the goblins and/or gnomes to learn even more unique and fun recipes!

Gnomish Engineering

Gnomish Engineering is different from Goblin Engineering because of its focus on making small gadgets, like the Gnomish Battle Chicken. The process to acquire a Gnome Engineer Membership Card is the same for both factions, but starts in their respective capitals. Alliance players will need to take Gnome Engineering and turn it into Tinkmaster Overspark to begin their chain. Horde players must take the Horde version (Gnome Engineering) and find Oglethorpe Obnoticus to start. From there, each will ask players to take The Pledge of Secrecy and then to Show Your Work.

Taking the pledge does not require players to hand anything it, but afterwards, they must craft:

To do so, the required materials are:

These requirements are the same for both factions, and upon turning them in, players will receive their Gnome Engineer Membership Card and learn Gnomish Engineering. You can now craft devices like the Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, the Arcanite Dragonling, and the Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan.

Goblin Engineering

Goblin Engineering sets itself apart through its emphasis on explosives and rockets. After picking up the initial quest from any trainer, both factions will need to find Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan to continue the chain. After taking The Pledge of Secrecy, you can begin Show Your Work, which will require:

In total, these will require:

Upon handing them in, players will receive their Goblin Engineer Membership Card and officially become a Goblin Engineer. Now, you can craft lethal bombs like The Big One and the Goblin Sapper Charge or gear with useful effects like the Goblin Rocket Boots and the Goblin Rocket Helmet.


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