How to Craft the Epic Items in Phase 3 for Season of Discovery

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Phase 3 in Season of Discovery showcases a new exciting questline to bring powerful new epic craftable items for the players! Just like in the previous phases, the craftable items will be available for the Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Enchanting, and Alchemy professions, leading up to some of the most powerful bonuses that can be acquired.

The quest will have you fight your way through the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion, visit an enchanted druidic forest named Moonglade, head towards the perilous Swamp of Sorrows and its forgotten Sunken Temple, and even have you make a trip towards the dangerous Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

This guide will display all the items that can be crafted and the steps you must complete to finish the questline!

Phase 3 Epic Items List

Part 1: The first step, the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion

The first part of the quest starts inside the Emerald Nightmare, inside the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion! Once you enter the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion Portal and have the Emerald Nightmare buff active, you must head towards the Warsong Lumber Camp and venture south of it. While you may be tempted to use the road, you have to avoid it and venture deep into the forest directly south of the Warsong Lumber Camp. Once you venture far enough, you will receive the debuff “Aura of Paralyzing Dread“. After having the debuff, leave the Emerald Nightmare the way you came and head to Field Captain Hannalah. After you manage to do so, you will now have a new dialogue option when speaking with Field Captain Hannalah.

Beware that the debuff drastically increases all damage received while also slowing your overall movement, meaning that you should avoid any combat scenario in the area. The debuff will only be active in that specific area, meaning that you will only need to be careful while you are around the south side of the Warsong Lumber Camp.

ashenvale nightmare incursion aura of paralyzing dread location

Progressing the dialogue with Field Captain Hannalah will start the chain quest, An Amalgamation of Nightmares! Unlike the previous Phases, this quest won’t ask you to complete a series of side quests, and instead functions as one long chain.

Part 2: Heading towards the enchanted forest, Moonglade

The quest An Amalgamation of Nightmares asks you to venture into Moonglade and find Loganaar, one of the more experienced druids in matters of the Emerald Nightmare. This part of the quest is extremely easy for any Druid player, as they have access to the Teleport: Moonglade spell. For the rest of the players, reaching Moonglade can be a difficult task, as the journey can be quite long and perilous.

The fastest way to get to Moonglade is via Darkshore, swimming across the north side of the map. An additional and more practical would be to cross through Felwood until you reach the Timbermaw Hold. This will allow you to grab the Felwood and Winterspring Flight Paths, however, the journey to the area will be filled with many dangerous mobs.

For more explicit and in-depth detailed information, visit our How to Get to Moonglade guide!

Once in Moonglade, head over to Loganaar. He is a Druid Trainer which can be spotted next to one of the Moonwells in Nighthaven.

Turning the quest An Amalgamation of Nightmares to Loganaar will start the quest, Itharius. The quest asks you to venture forth into the Swamp of Sorrows and seek Itharius, a ranger, who will help you enlist the aid of the Green Dragonflight which resides in the Temple of Atal’Hakkar to discover more about the source of this dreadful manifestation which occurs in the Emerald Nightmare.

It is worth mentioning that you can’t set your Hearthstone in the Nighthaven inn, in Moonglade, as there is no active innkeeper in the area! As such, setting your Hearthstone in Winterspring, specifically in Everlook, will be advised, as you will be required to return to this area.

Furthermore, while Moonglade doesn’t have an innkeeper that can be used, it still grants access to a Flight Path to both Alliance and Horde players. Each faction has its own separate Flight Master, with the Alliance one being found south of Lake Elune’Ara and the Horde one being found on the far southwest side of the map.

Part 3: Venturing into the Swamp of Sorrows

The next part of the quest takes us into the Swamp of Sorrows in search of a ranger named Itharius who may help us reach the forgotten temple. Reaching the Swamp of Sorrows is far easier for Alliance players than it is for Horde players as their capital, Stormwind, is closer to the area. Alliance players can reach the Swamp of Sorrows by going to Duskwood, followed by a walk through the Deadwind Pass. Alliance Players must also venture into the Blasted Lands unto the Nethergarde Keep to gain the Flight Path before doing anything in the Swamp of Sorrows as it is the closest Flight Path! Horde players will have to take a zeppelin from Orgrimmar and head towards the Grom’Gol base in Stranglethorn Vale, followed by a longer walk towards the Deadwind Pass and unto the Swamp of Sorrows. Fortunately for the Horde, they have access to a Flight Path in the area, inside Stonard.

Once you reach the Swamp of Sorrows, Itharius can be found inside a cave southeast of the Deadwind Pass road entrance. Reaching Itharius will allow you to turn in the quest Itharius and receive the Going Under quest which requires you to find out what happened to Eranikus and if you can enlist the aid of the Green Dragonflight.

The Going Under quest is the most difficult part of the chain quest as it will require you to complete the Sunken Temple raid. The Sunken Temple is what remains of the former Temple of Atal’Hakkar, a result of Ysera and her Green Dragonflight intervention in an attempt to permanently stop the Atal’lai Corruption. This time, unlike the previous phase, the raid is a 20-man instance with a one-week raid lockout, meaning that it is significantly harder to complete. The quest will auto-complete once you enter the Lair of the Chosen without requiring you to do any special interaction.

Once you complete the raid and have the quest marked as “Complete” in your quest log, head back to Itharius and deliver the Going Under quest.

Part 4: Return to Moonglade

Upon delivering the Going Under quest and talking to Itharius, you will receive a follow-up quest named Return to Moonglade. This part of the quest chain requires you to head back to Moonglade and inform Loganaar of the Troll Corruption found inside the Sunken Temple. As we previously mentioned, Druid players can utilize the Teleport: Moonglade to quickly reach Loganaar while other players can utilize their well-placed Hearthstone to quickly reach Moonglade.

Upon delivering the Return to Moonglade quest, players will quickly notice that a Shadowy Figure spawns on the other side of the Moonwell where Loganaar currently resides. The Shadowy Figure will offer a dialogue option which will result in players being able to pick up the A Fortuitous Turn of Events quest. The quest will offer details about a possible solution, opening up the next step of the chain quest, The Bad News….

The quest involves a rather familiar journey, having players venture into the Stranglethorn Vale and visit the Booty Bay.

Part 5: A trip to Booty Bay

Once you acquire The Bad News… from the Shadowy Figure, you will have to travel across the continent and reach Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. After reaching Booty Bay, you must head over to The Salty Sailor Tavern and find an Injured Gnome. The gnome can be found on a bed next to the Rogue Trainer, Ian Strom inside The Salty Sailor Tavern. Once you find the Injured Gnome and interact with him, deliver The Bad News… and pick up The Lost Vambraces quest. The gnome explains that you must find the beast that managed to injure him on the Jaguero Isle east of the Stranglethorn Vale. He further continues to explain that you must slay the beast to recover the lost Decharged Void-Powered Vambraces.

Upon your arrival on the Jaguero Isle, you will encounter a small Murloc by the name of Itty Bitty Murloc on the far southeast side of the island and uncover the truth that the creature is the beast that injured the gnome. After interacting with the Itty Bitty Murloc, you will notice that a mound spawns next to it, which can then be looted to uncover the lost Decharged Void-Powered Vambraces.

Part 6: The last trips to Moonglade and the return to the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion

Once you get your hands on the Decharged Void-Powered Vambraces, you will be able to access the last part of the quest chain and possibly the most frustrating. The frustrating part comes from the fact that you have to return to Moonglade once more to talk to the Shadowy Figure. The Shadowy Figure can be found in the exact same spot, right next to Loganaar. Once you reach Nighthaven again and talk to the Shadowy Figure, you will pick up the Waking the Nightmare quest which serves as the last part of the chain quest and the Void-Powered Vambraces.

Acquiring the Waking the Nightmare quest and the Void-Powered Vambraces reward from the previous quest in the chain quest means that you will now have to form a group and return to the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion inside the Emerald Nightmare to slay the foul creature. The Nightmare Amalgamation is a boss that can be found in the same area in which you discovered the Aura of Paralyzing Dread, southeast of the Warsong Lumber Camp.

The boss itself is quite a tough fight meaning that you must bring at least one healer and a tank to be able to kill it. Additionally, the Void-Powered Vambraces play a pivotal role into the encounter, as it will protect you from the previous effect of the Aura of Paralyzing Dread. Killing the Nightmare Amalgamation will allow you to acquire the Mantle of Nightmares from it, which will be the last item we need to complete the chain quest.

After acquiring the Mantle of Nightmares and a long journey, you will need to head once more to Moonglade to deliver the Waking the Nightmare quest to the Shadowy Figure. We have to mention that Druid players are extremely lucky during this last phase, as it skips yet another long journey to the Nighthaven. After reaching the Shadowy Figure, turn in the Waking the Nightmare quest to receive the Inert Mantle of Nightmares.

Completing the quest will now allow you to talk to the Shadowy Figure while having a 250-leveled profession in order to learn new recipes! Additionally, the Inert Mantle of Nightmares received upon completing the chain quest is one of the key components required for crafting the Epic Items in Phase 3. The item will be available for purchase afterward in Booty Bay from the Lost and Found vendor for 10 Gold each in case the player loses the item by mistake!


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