Waylaid Supplies Reputation Guide for Season of Discovery

Waylaid Supplies Reputation Guide for Season of Discovery

The new factions, Durotar Supply and Logistics and the Wow Alliance Crest Azeroth Commerce Authority added in Season of Discovery are deceptively important factions. Players just starting their journey into the new Season may stumble upon Waylaid Supplies, an uncommon Bind on Pickup crate occasionally dropped by enemies or found in chests.

At first, these may seem like a waste of time, asking you for materials you couldn’t possibly get your hands on at your level, or things that would be a massive detour at the very least. What you won’t know at the start is that these crates can be turned in for valuable reputation. The NPCs to turn them in can be found outside of every major city’s Auction House, and all have the title of <Supply Officer>. For example, Jornah is the Supply Officer outside of Orgrimmar’s Auction House.

Turning in a crate gives a tiny amount of Silver and some Experience, but most importantly, it gives Reputation. Crates requiring gathering materials such as Silverleaf are also worth less Reputation than crates requiring finished items, such as Runed Copper Pants.

So why is this Reputation important? Well, at various stages of Reputation, the NPCs will begin to sell new items. At Friendly, you can purchase your class’s respective Rune, as well as a 10-slot bag, and an Uncommon item for each Armor type. These Runes cost 2g each, and for some Classes are incredibly important.

The runes available are:

Reaching Friendly should be easy enough, but getting to higher reputation levels might be a significant grind. While boxes can be farmed from almost anything, they are still random drops, and some even ask for Bind on Pickup resources, like Runed Silver Rods, meaning unless you’re the appropriate profession, you just can’t fill them.

Some spots are more reliable than others, for example, Horde can dip down southwest of Thunder Bluff and open a chest for a nearly guaranteed crate every time it spawns.

mulgore reliable supply farm

It is strongly recommended that you farm somewhere near a capital city. Areas like Camp Taurajo and Loch Modan can make for good spots for higher level boxes, having multiple camps close to a flight path, as well as a short travel time to the nearest capital.

Areas with Humanoids, such as Harpies or Quillboars also tend to have a larger concentration of chest spawns, meaning if you are planning on farming crates from enemies, you may as well farm humanoids. Chests have a very high, even close to 100% chance of containing a crate.

Changes for Phase 3

With Phase 3 out there’s a couple of additions to the Waylaid Supplies system. First off, you can now grind the reputations up to Exalted, although this will take getting the new ilvl 45 supplies.

There are three new categories of Waylaid Supplies at ilvl 45 that give:

  • 950 reputation
  • 1300 reputation
  • 1850 reputation

These will drop from level appropriate mobs, although the droprates are quite low. A Solid Chest is going to be your best bet as the droprate is going to be considerably higher, although still a grind. There is an item you can use that’s Bind on Account sold from a Waylaid Supplies vendor called the Supply Expediter that can help with the droprate, although its main purpose is likely to help with the rep grind on alts.

New Rewards

There are a couple of rewards added to the lower rep tiers of the Waylaid Supplies vendors, but the brand new Exalted reputation is where we see the bulk of the new offerings. These offerings include a unique 18 slot bag, and Bind on Account helmets.


  • Bargain Bush – A trinket that transforms you into a bush!


  • Empty Supply Crate – A trinket that gives you the appearance of a crate!


  • Handy Courier Haversack – A unique 18 slot bag
  • Curiosity Cowl – A BoA cloth helmet.
  • Tenacity Chain – A BoA mail helmet.
  • Tenacity Cap – A BoA leather helmet with strength.
  • Initiative Cap – A BoA leather helmet with agility.
  • Lledra’s Inanimator – A trinket that can make you inanimate!
  • Supply Expediter – A BoA trinket that can sometimes give you extra Waylaid Supplies from mobs.

Previous Changes from Phase 2

Several changes were made to Waylaid Supplies in Phase 2, most of which should make it faster and easier to gain reputation.

Waylaid Supplies crates were changed to be Unique (12), so you can carry up to 12 at a time. (They were completely Unique in Phase 1, so you could only carry one lonely crate.) Along with this change, the ability to turn in unfilled crates for reduced reputation was removed – you now have to fill every order if you want to turn it in to a Supply Officer.

The experience gained from turn-ins was also increased in Phase 2, and lower level crates will now continue to give reputation beyond Friendly.


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