Burning Crusade Tools

Wow Tbc Talent Calculator

Talent Calculator

Use our WoW TBC Classic talent calculator to plan your builds!

Tbc Best In Slot (bis)

TBC Best in Slot

Find the best in slot gear for all classes and specs in TBC!

Wow Classic Dungeon Raid Loot List

Dungeon & Raid Loot

A database of all instance loot in the game with advanced filtering!

tbc classic database

Consumables List

A full featured item, quest, and NPC database for The Burning Crusade Classic.

tbc classic consumables list burning crusade classic

Consumables List

A complete list of endgame consumables for TBC Classic.

tbc classic gems burning crusade classic gem list tool

Gem List Tool

A complete list of gems with filtering and sources for TBC Classic.

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