hunter tbc classic talents
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: April 24, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Below you will find a standard raiding build that optimizes both you and your pet’s damage output while benefiting your party, as well.

Improved Aspect of the Hawk – Only competing with Aspect of the Viper, Aspect of the Hawk will be your choice of Aspect for most scenarios in PvE. Allowing it to have the chance to increase your Ranged Attack Speed is always a bonus.

Focused Fire – Since we’re Beast Mastery and will have our pet active at all times (with the exception of those pesky jumping maneuvers in World of Warcraft – I’m looking at you, Gnomeregan!) it only makes sense to do whatever we can to increase our damage.

Thick Hide – Because there will be times your pet(s) may be called upon to tank a mob, it’s always beneficial to increase their armor so they have a better chance of survival. It also increases your own survivability, as well.

Unleashed Fury – Thanks to Focused Fire effectively buffing our pet’s damage, we’ll always strive to have our pet present for each fight, and with Unleashed Fury, we’ll increase its damage by 20%.

Improved Mend Pet – I prefer to put a single point in this talent so that if my pet were to get a disease, poison, curse, or magic effect as a debuff, I’d have a chance to cleanse it off with each tick of Mend Pet, potentially sparing my healers from having to do so for me.

Ferocity – It may be like a record on repeat, but our pet will be causing significant amounts of damage and increasing their damage or critical strike rating will only increase their damage further.

Spirit Bond – With a Pre-Raid Geared Hunter (INSERT LINK HERE) this will regenerate approximately 148-149 of your health every 10 seconds.

Bestial Discipline – More focus to use means more abilities to use.

Frenzy – Allowing your pet to gain an attack speed increase whenever they land a critical strike is always a welcome bonus as it does increase their overall damage output quite well.

Ferocious Inspiration – Be your party’s best friend! That 3% damage increase can assist with already high-DPS players blow the metres up.

Bestial Wrath – Your pet becomes a one-man wrecking crew that won’t be stopped unless killed, causing 50% additional damage!

Serpent’s Swiftness – Increasing both you and your pet’s attack speed will never be a downside.

The Beast Within – The perfect companion – whenever your pet becomes the one-man wrecking crew, you’ll cause 30% more damage.

Lethal Shots – Allows for you to increase your critical strike rating by 5%.

Efficiency – This allows for your shots and stings to cost 10% less mana.

Go For The Throat – With every critical strike you land, your pet regains 50 focus.

Aimed Shot – My personal favorite ability. It provides massive damage output while also reducing all healing on that target by 50%.

Rapid Killing – Reduced cooldown of 2 minutes on Rapid Fire, and whenever killing a mob that yields experience or honor (works when you are level 70 in raids and dungeons as long as the mobs are at least green) it increases the damage of your next Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot or Auto Shot by 20%.

Mortal Shots – Increases your critical strike damage bonus by 30%.


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