PvE Elemental Shaman Stat Priority

tbc pve elemental shaman stat priority

In this section we will be covering the stat priority list for Elemental Shamans in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic.

  1. Spell Hit Rating
  2. Spell Damage
  3. Spell Critical Strike Rating
  4. Spell Haste
  5. Intellect

Spell Hit Rating – As is the case with any other caster class, Elemental Shamans require a total of 16% Spell Hit Chance, which is equivalent to 202 Spell Hit Rating. However, unlike other casters, Elemental Shamans receive assistance through Elemental Precision, Nature’s Guidance, and Totem of Wrath, for a total of 12% Spell Hit Chance, leaving only a need for 4% Hit Chance, which is equivalent to roughly 52 Spell Hit Rating.

Spell Damage – This provides a direct increase to your damage, calculated depending upon your cast time. A cast of 3.5 seconds receives 100% of your spell damage as bonus damage, while anything below that receives partial damage. To figure out the conversion rate for other cast times, you can use this formula (Assuming you have 100 spell damage):

n (The spell coefficient) x 100

The spell coefficient is calculated as the cast time divided by 3.5. So, let’s assume that our cast time is 1.5:

1.5 / 3.5 = 0.43 > 0.43 x 100 = 43 increased damage

Spell Critical Strike Rating – This provides a potential damage increase, since critical strikes aren’t guaranteed. However, thanks to Elemental Fury, our critical strike damage is increased from 150% to 200%.

Spell Haste – While this stat is fairly limited in early phases of TBC, it decreases your cast times, so you are able to cast more spells within a time frame, increasing your overall damage/DPS.

Intellect – As per 1 point of Intellect, you receive 15 mana. The more mana you have, the more spells you can cast before having to replenish it via drinking or using consumables.


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2 years ago

Spell Damage and Spell Crit are equal weight until you are at or near 30% spell crit unbuffed (that means without Totem of Wrath). Then spell damage is weighted higher. It’s not only a huge damage increase when you crit, it’s also a method of sustain. We don’t have wands. I would rather crit for less more often and last the fight than have big crits less often then go OOM. Starting out as Elemental in blues, I gem all crit and slowly migrate to spell power gemming as the crit stats increase on my gear.

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