PvE Assassination Rogue Pre-Raid & BiS Gear

pve tbc assassination rogue pre bis and bis gear

In this section we will cover the Assassination Rogue’s Pre-Raid BiS gearset and their BiS gearset. As each new phase of content is released, this page will be updated to better reflect the equipment available to players.



Here is the Seventyupgrades link to see this gear equipped. Note: We are sitting at 23.77% Hit Rating unbuffed, so if we wanted to reach the 28% threshold, we can with the help of Improved Faerie Fire, granting us 3% (It does require a Balance Druid to work) and 1.26% Hit Chance from Spicy Hot Talbuk for a grand total of 28.03% Hit Chance.



Here is the Seventyupgrades link to see your gear equipped. If you know for sure that you will always have a Balance Druid running content with you, you can sacrifice some of the Hit Rating from gems to increase other stats.


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2 years ago

Why do you have quick off-hand weapons? Don’t you want slow in both to maximize mutilate damage?

Reply to  Chimpz
2 years ago

The theory behind the faster off-hand weapon is to be able to apply poisons faster.

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