PvE Restoration Druid Healing Guide

tbc classic pve restoration druid guide burning crusade classic

Welcome to the Restoration Druid guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade Classic. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Restoration Druid in dungeons and raids. The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

Best Races

There are only 2 races to pick from: Tauren for the Horde faction and Night Elf for the Alliance faction. There is no real advantage between Tauren versus Night Elf apart from faction identity. 


  • Tauren 


  • Night elf 

Best Professions

Tailoring – Tailoring will be your go-to profession in the early and last phase of Classic TBC. This opens up the doors to Primal Mooncloth Robe and  Whitemend Pants. What makes the Whitemend set BiS is the fact that it scales with any Intellect applied on your base Intellect. This allows the set bonus to become very valuable and strong. The Primal Mooncloth set is just strong in general. The set bonus is also a great bonus. Tailoring allows you to get the BiS tailoring items in phase 5.

Enchanting – This allows for an extra 40 + healing (20 on each ring) from the enchant, Formula: Enchant Ring – Healing Power. This is BiS due to the fact that it’s a free extra 40 healing. Comparing it to other professions its benefits outweigh what the others get you.  

Alchemy – The main reason you would go down this route would be because of the Redeemer’s Alchemist Stone. It is a strong healing trinket with a nice bonus to potions ( the healing bonus comes in a later phase but the potion bonus is there from the start). It really doesn’t outway the benefits of the other professions because you can get other trinkets that are just as good in raids/dungeons.  

Engineering – The main reason to go down engineering would be Wonderheal XT40 Shades, Field Repair Bot 110G, Flying Machine Control, Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control, and jumper cables for an alternate resurrection. It doesn’t bring much else to a Restoration druid and other professions outweigh the items’ benefits. 

Jewelcrafting – the special gems you get from going being a jewelcrafter aren’t much better than what you can get from not being a jewelcrafter. Do this profession only if you want to for fun.

Leatherworking – There isn’t really a healing set in leatherworking, making it pretty much useless for Resto druids. 

Blacksmithing – Blacksmithing is not worth it. It brings nothing to the abilities of a Restoration druid. It doesn’t have any gear. If you have blacksmithing, it is worth dropping for one of the better professions.

Gathering professions

No real benefit even if the gathering potential of druids is extremely strong from instant flight form. Strictly speaking from a raiding PvE perspective they have no bonus. Certain forms can do certain gathering professions. Flight form allows you to herb, Cat and Bear let you skin targets, while Moonkin form allows you to mine.


About the Author


Sup yall! My name is Bobodingo and I've been playing wow since its release. I'm an avid player trying to make some good, quality content and share my ideas with the rest of the WoW community. I'm always down to have a conversation and bounce ideas off each other!
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Resto druid
Resto druid
3 years ago

Stopped reading when i seen it say “Leatherworking is useless for resto druids.” 👋

Reply to  bobodingo
3 years ago

Leatherworking IS a Viable Option…

What stat weight are you giving to Spirit? (See below)

Gloves of the Living Touch and Hood of Primal Life are viable for PreBis Phase 1
Leather Chestguard of the Sun is viable Phase 5
Hands of Eternal Light is the only Tailoring BIS in Phase 5 (I will be going with Tranquil Majesty Wraps)
10% of Total intellect is between 30-40 +Heals for Whitemend Set Phase 1

“You’ll be in a flex group…”
Why not put with both tanks in group 1 due to Tree Form – “increase healing received by 25% of your total Spirit for all party members within 45 yards”
This means ALL heals on Tanks (and Tank Party) will be increased by over 110 in Phase 1 and over 150 in Phase 5.

5 Pieces of Mooncloth and Whitemend has 46 Spirit
5 Pieces of The Hauberk set, Gloves of the Living Touch, and Hood of Primal Life, has 109 Spirit

My Planned (obtainable) PreBis would give +114 healing to all heals on the Tank Party (My + Healing will be a Patriotic 1776).
Planned Phase 5 Gear will add +157 healing to all heals on the Tank Party (My + Healing will be 2472).

Please post your Stat Weights to allow us to see the base for your post.

I will admit, I am not your typical Druid, I play for the benefit of the Raid and not to Parse. Maybe I am giving too much to weight to Spirit…

Reply to  bobodingo
3 years ago

I appreciate the input:

Do you have Stat Weights you are using?

The preset on Seventyupgrades is:
Healing – 1
Spell Haste – .333
Intellect – 1
Spirit – 1.666
MP5 – 3.333
Meta – 85
Red Socket – 19
Yellow Socket – 19
Blue Socket – 19

Which does not make sense since Red Sockets are more +Healing

Another thought on Leatherworking being useful and not useless:

Elitist Jerks

[Druid] Raiding as a Tree – Elitist Jerks (archive.org)

The post lists Drums, so it may not be the same since there is Tinitus or whatever the Drum Limiting Debuff is called.

Also lists Idol of the Raven Goddess to improve ToL and placing in Tank Group.

Last edited 3 years ago by Darth
Reply to  bobodingo
2 years ago

are you [removed]? lookup windhawk set you goomba, the wrists are BIS p1+p2

Mod Note: Removed offensive language.

Last edited 2 years ago by Furious
Reply to  Resto druid
3 years ago


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