• Author: Kurathis
  • Date: May 20, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

This particular build does dip slightly into the Discipline tree to reach Inner Focus and Meditation. Unfortunately, you can’t pick every good talent in the Shadow tree, and you’ll need to choose. You’ll want to prioritize Shadow Weaving as it is an important debuff for the raid. You can re-allocate talents from Improved Vampiric Embrace or Shadow AffinityImproved Mind Blast can be re-allocated as well, as the reduced cooldown may interfere with your rotation depending on the ping your playing with.


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3 months ago

Hello. Are you able to explain your reasoning behind “Shadow Weaving should have at least one point in it, and you can use the other two if you whish to place them into Improved Mind Blast”?
Shadow Weaving should be 5/5 in any Shadow Priest PvE build (definitely not 1/5). You want that debuff stacked 5 times ASAP to get the maximum benefit for both yourself and the Warlocks in your raid. You would take points out of Improved Vampiric Embrace (or possibly Shadow Affinity depending on how efficient your tanks are at building threat) to achieve this. Having 3/5 Improved Mind Blast is the sweet spot as it allows 2 full casts of Mind Flay in between each Mind Blast. There isn’t really any value in having 5/5 Improved Mind Blast.

Reply to  Bauer
3 months ago

Nice catch, thanks! Corrected.

Reply to  Bauer
2 months ago

For shadow weaving 4/5 is fine and 3/5 is plenty even 2/5 can be playable. Warlocks are mostly fire rn so you don’t need to get anything stacked asap.

5/5 for mind blast is a good way to fish for crits if you don’t run into heavy mana problems. With close to bis and good mana pot usage you can easily play 5/5 without running out of mana.

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