tbc classic pve retribution paladin talents & builds burning crusade classic
  • Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 2, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

The Retribution tree for Paladins has been greatly improved in TBC compared to Original Classic. We get raid-wide buffs with both Judgement of the Crusader and Sanctity Aura which makes Retribution Paladin wanted in raids.
We also get a much needed Mana-return talent in the form of Sanctified Judgement, which in combination with the Spiritual Attunement + Seal of Blood combination solves most of our mana problems.

Vengeance has been changed for the better and now lasts 15 seconds, up from 8, which makes it very easy to keep up during a fight. You do have to stack it up 3 times, but that’s not a big deal.

Another big talent is Fanaticism which gives us 15% extra crit chance on Judgements as well as reducing our threat output. Threat in TBC is still something you need to be careful of, so this talent helps to combat that.

Lastly and most importantly, we finally get the ability that we should have had in original Classic but never got, Crusader Strike. In addition to being our main damage ability it also refreshes all Judgements on the target, which means that your Holy paladins can judge Wisdom or Light on the boss and you will be able to keep it active for them which is a big deal.

This is the standard build you want to use for raiding and dungeons if you are trying to maximize your DPS.

standard ret build

This build will give you less raw damage output but you will get more survivability and sustain. It allows you to handle farming and open world PvP encounters much better, while still doing good enough damage for dungeons and casual raiding.

ret solo pve pvp 1

Another variation of a more casual build that gives you more healing power and improved LoH while still maintaining good enough DPS for dungeons and casual raiding.

ret solo pve pvp 2


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10 days ago

question: why spec seal of command if seal of blood is more dps? is it for more durability on high damage fights? what is the purpose of it?

7 days ago

During pre patch, since we have ten less talent points what talents would we not grab? I was thinking of dropping the holy talents and making sure I have precision until I reach hit cat

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