PvE Retribution Paladin Gems, Enchants, & Consumables

tbc classic pve retribution paladin enchants & consumables burning crusade classic

You should always fully enchant and socket your gear. This will make a significant increase to your damage, and you are forced to socket correctly in order to keep your Meta gem active. It’s also needed to reach hit cap most of the time.

Consumables are also very important to your performance. Since there are no world buffs in TBC your consumables are more important then ever if you want to be competitive.



Gems is a big help to reach Hit Cap. Unfortunately there are no Expertise gems, so after your hit cap is reached you should socket most other slots with mostly +strength.

The color of the socket only needs to be filled with the correct gem if you are interested in the socket bonus, nothing is stopping you from adding red gems in yellow sockets. Because of this you should only take socket bonuses that give you more power then you loose from socketing a non-optimal gem. You also have to factor in the gem requirements for your Meta gem when choosing gems.

In addition to the standard jewelcrafting crafted gems there are also epic gems that are slightly better dropping from heroic dungeon bosses. JCs can also craft a unique BoP gem that is better then the BoE versions.


Consumables are categorized as Battle and Guardian Elixirs in TBC and you can only have one of each effect active at the same time. Flasks counts as both Battle and Guardian elixirs,which means that the consumable requirements for raiding is quite small as you only need flask, potions and food for the most part. If you are not using flask there are other Battle elixir options to choose from, but they are significantly weaker in comparison except when fighting only demons.

Here is a list of the consumables that you should be using in PvE:


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