tbc classic pve protection paladin tank stat priority burning crusade classic
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: April 1, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic
  1. Defence (490)
  2. Total Avoidance (102.4%)
  3. Stamina (Roughly 785 for Karazhan)
  4. Spell Damage (200+)
  5. Hit/Expertise

Every tanking class has a required amount of defence rating and skill that they must reach in order to negate all chances of being the victim of a critical strike. A critical strike hits you for 200% of normal damage. For both Paladins and Warriors, you’ll need 490 defence skill, which is equivalent to 285 defence rating with Anticipation and your regular defence skill at 350. Without Anticipation, you will need 332 defence rating to reach cap.

A total of 102.4% avoidance (a combination of Block – including Holy Shield, Dodge, Parry and Miss) is required to negate the chance of being the victim of a crushing blow. A crushing blow, while not as dangerous as a critical strike, still causes 150% of normal damage.

Stamina is our third priority since it increases our direct survivability by increasing our health pool. If you intend on starting your raiding experience as the off-tank, you can aim for roughly 11,000 health before entering Karazhan and be a-okay tanking it.

Increasing our spell damage is a means of increasing our total threat-per-second (TPS) potential.

Paladins rely on both Melee and Spell Hit Rating to ensure their attacks and spells land successfully, respectively. With Precision, we only need 6% of each to become capped. While pieces of gear with either hit rating on them should not be avoided, you shouldn’t go out of your way to find and use them, either. Paladins have Consecration, which only relies on Spell Hit for the first tick, as it cannot miss during the other seven ticks. We also have Seal of Vengeance‘s damage-over-time (DoT) which, when applied, doesn’t require us to successfully hit the target to cause its damage/threat.

Paladins benefit from Expertise – hence Combat Expertise in our talent tree. However, we do benefit from it less than Warrior tanks since it benefits tanks in two ways:

  1. It allows for less of our attacks to be dodged or parried – which grants us more threat. The only real time that this actually affects Paladins is when we’re “Seal Twisting,” since we can otherwise not melee attack our target and still generate threat
  2. Because it improves our chances of not being parried, the boss has less of a chance to benefit from parry-haste. Similar to above, Paladins can more-or-less disengage in melee combat unless Seal Twisting

Neither Warriors, nor Druids, have this luxury.


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26 days ago

“Paladins have Consecration, which doesn’t rely on either stat since it can’t miss.”

Consecration can miss when it is first applied to a target (the first tick can be resisted).

Reply to  Kurathis
25 days ago

This was known all through Classic as well (wowhead mentions it in their Paladin guide). If you have spell hit you won’t notice it as much, or at all depending on how much you have.

Reply to  Kurathis
25 days ago

I’m not sure why you feel uncomfortable about giving people accurate information in a guide. Seems more likely that you feel uncomfortable about being wrong.

Reply to  Kurathis
16 days ago

“hearsay” – confirmed by other guides.
If you haven’t experienced it a single time yourself, one of the following is happening:
> Your gear has enough spell hit to avoid it.
> You’re lying.
Run some heroics (or Karazhan) with 0 spell hit, then tell me that you haven’t experienced it.

Reply to  Kurathis
12 days ago

You probably aren’t in the best position to be an authoritative source of information if you base your guides purely on what you notice (or don’t notice).

Flick over to the Warcraft Tavern guide for PvE Retribution Paladin. You might notice something in the table at the bottom of the “Stat Priority” page. You don’t agree with your fellow Warcraft Tavern guide writers?

Also, why are you using Continuum Blade? You don’t mention that weapon at all on your “Gear & Best In Slot” page.

1 month ago

Greetings fellow Tankadins. I have a quick question regarding DEFENCE and AVOIDANCE. You often hear people using the terms “Def cap” and “Crush cap”, which leads me to believe the values you have stated above (490 and 102.4%) are the caps for these values. Of course the game allows you to have more, but my question is… is there any point in having more than 490 defence and 102.4% avoidance? Or are these simply the targets to reach before then switching your full focus to stamina and spell power?

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