PvE Combat Rogue Stat Priority

tbc pve combat rogue stat priority

Below you can find stat conversion rates and most importantly, your stat priority list as a Combat Rogue!

Important Stat Conversion Rates

  • 1 Agility = 1 Melee Attack Power
  • 1 Agility = 0.03% Critical Strike Chance
  • 1 Agility = 2 Armor
  • 1 Agility = 0.05% Dodge Chance
  • 1 Agility = 2 Ranged Attack Power
  • 1 Stamina = 10 Health
  • 15.8 Hit Rating = 1% Hit Chance
  • 22.1 Critical Strike Rating = 1% Critical Strike Chance

Stat Priority List

  1. Expertise
    1. Most melee DPS will focus on reaching the Expertise Soft Cap of 6.5% or 26 Expertise (Which is equivalent to 200 Expertise Rating) Thanks to Weapon Expertise supplying 10 Expertise, we only need 67 Expertise Rating. If you are a Human wielding swords or maces, the total required Expertise Rating will be 44
    2. Because Rogues should be attacking from behind the target, they do not need to worry about the Expertise hard cap, since mobs/bosses cannot parry attacks that come from behind them
  2. Agility + Hit Rating
    1. Soft Cap: 9%
      1. After picking up Precision, you will need 64 Hit Rating to reach your soft cap of 9%. This allows your special attacks to always hit. While additional hit rating after 9% should NOT be avoided, it does become less of a priority
    2. Hard Cap: 28%
      1. This will become easier and easier to achieve as you progress in the game, getting better gear. By reaching 28% hit, this will allow all of your normal attacks to always hit.
  3. Haste
    1. Until later phases in TBC Classic, Haste won’t be a common stat to find on items. There are a few exceptions for both melee and spell haste including Kiss of the Spider and Quagmirran’s Eye, respectively
  4. Critical Strike Rating
  5. Armor Penetration
    1. Although valuable, Armor Penetration is a stat that can be made less valuable depending on your party or raid’s composition. In TBC Classic, it is reported that raid bosses will have either 6200 or 7700 armor (save for a few special exceptions)
      1. Curse of Recklessness – 800 Armor
      2. Expose Armor with Improved Expose Armor – 3075 Armor
      3. Faerie Fire – 610 Armor
        1. This would grant a total of 4485 reduced armor on your boss, allowing for only 1715 or 3215 Armor Penetration before becoming practically useless since you can’t reduce their armor below 0


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