PvE Holy Paladin Talents & Builds

tbc classic pve holy paladin talents & builds burning crusade classic

Below you will find the build most optimal for group utility with Blessing of Kings, which many Protection Paladins will avoid picking up, in favor of other talents, and Improved Blessing of Might in case you are grouped with another Paladin that does have Blessing of Kings.

Improved Blessing of Might provides an extra 20% attack power bonus, which ends up totaling 264 Attack Power. It may not sound too impressive, but more damage is always beneficial, even if it’s only 10 damage-per-second.


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3 years ago

Why did you delete my comment? Why are you only talking about 1 build? Why not the other builds like the Shockadin build?

Reply to  Jugs_85
3 years ago

Your other comment triggered the anti-spam filter.
This guide is for healing paladins, we might add a Shockadin guide later.

Jordan Ellison
Jordan Ellison
3 years ago

Is there a best strategy for which talents to put points in first?

Reply to  Jordan Ellison
3 years ago

Most guides don’t recommend levelling as a healer because paladins can dip into healing with gear pieces as they need to – usually they recommended finding a build specifically for levelling and then switching into healing. However I personally level as a healer because I enjoy dungeons – there’s a strategy to it in the sense that you want to take what will be most immediately effective to your levelling. As a pure healer, I would start on the Holy tree and work my way down the two necessary buys, especially because the extra int will be useful no matter what, and then I personally took the aura radius ability first because I found my tank kept getting a bit ahead, went into healing bonus, took 1 point in Lay, and then picked up the boosted blessing of wis cause I assumed I would be the only one in the Holy tree at my level. If you choose to level as Holy, my recommendation to you would be to try and think about what serves you the best in your particular situation. If you’re horde side, chances are you’ve got a Prot Pali tank right now, so they will often pick up kings and the abilities from that tree so its not as much a priority, however if you’re an ally this might be different for you and so maybe your build would benefit from having the extra damage utility from melee-hit and kings after taking the intelligence boost.

2 years ago

nice guide!! very helpful. Been 13yrs n holy pally was my alt, memory a little rusty. thanks for the guide

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