This is a complete list of the endgame consumables that you can use for TBC. The list was initially compiled and posted on reddit by /u/Shalrys and added here with his permission. Consumables are far simpler in TBC than Classic but this sheet will still help you make an informed decision depending on your class/spec.

Consumables have been labeled by which roles they benefit. Select Tank, Physical DPS, Magic DPS, or Healer to see the consumable that benefits that role. You can also break down the type of consumable you’re seeing by selecting the Type Dropdown and limiting the potion type.

For consumables there are only three main potions to focus on: Flasks, Battle Elixirs, and Guardian Elixirs. There are other potions or profession items that are beneficial (and they are listed) but the core of the consumable list is those above three. They are by default listed at the top of the sheet for easy viewing. Potions and Alt Potions share separate cooldown bins so one of each can be used during the same cooldown window.

Make sure to click on the + button to the left of the consumable to see more notes about it and what materials are needed to craft it.

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