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  • Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 2, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic


Compared to original Classic, in TBC, Retribution Paladins will get a lot of improvements in several areas that makes them competitive to other classes on the DPS meters.
The most impactful of these improvements are the addition of Crusader Strike, Seal of Blood, an Improved talent tree, better itemization choices, help with mana problems and better spell coefficients.

A Retribution Paladin will also benefit the raid group with 3% increased crit chance and 2% increased damage, which is good enough that most raid groups will bring at least one Retribution Paladin on the roster.

Retribution Paladins are also strong in the open world with good survivability and farming potential, and if you would happen to come across world PvP you have a lot of tools in your kit to beat most opponents.

Retribution is also good in arena because of their high burst potential and flexibility, but the lack of healing reduction and interrupts compared to warriors and rogues forces you into certain comps and doesn’t allow you to play too freely at higher ratings.


Playing a Retribution paladin in TBC Classic is pretty straightforward, and if you played it in original Classic not much has changed.

You are a 2-handed weapon wielding plate wearer that uses Crusader Strike and seals, primarily Seal of Blood as your main source of damage combined with Judgements and Consecration. As there are a lot of demons in TBC you will also be able to use your exorcism and holy wrath quite a lot, but they will drain your mana quickly and is not always recommended. learn more about this in the Spells, Abilities and Rotation section of this guide.

You should remember however, that nothing forces you to wear plate in TBC, so just like in original Classic there will be times where you should grab some leather and mail items as they could be better then plate counterparts.
This is mostly the case early on in TBC, and will sort itself out later on when more items becomes available. For more information about itemization, check out the Gear &Best in Slot section.

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