PvE Marksmanship Hunter Stat Priority

tbc pve marksmanship hunter stat priority

Below you will find the traditional list of stats prioritized for you with a further explanation of each stat further down the page.

  1. Hit Rating (9% or 142 Rating)
  2. Agility
  3. Attack Power
  4. Critical Strike Rating

Like any DPS class, our first priority will always be to make sure we reach our Hit Cap as soon as possible. Being “hit capped” just means that our attacks will never miss – be mindful that your attacks may still be dodged or parried, though. In order to reach this cap, you need a total of 142 Hit Rating (Or 9% Hit Chance) Now, there are certain things that can reduce the weight of this down significantly such as Improved Faerie Fire from a Balance Druid, and Heroic Presence from a Draenei Hunter, Warrior, or Paladin. It’s not recommended to rely on either being present in your raids, dungeons or heroics and therefore, you should always aim to achieve and maintain 142 Hit Rating.

While Agility grants 1 Attack Power per point, it also grants us 0.02% Critical Strike Chance, along with 2 Armor and 0.04% Dodge Chance and thus is a higher priority than either Attack Power or Critical Strike Rating.

Similar to Agility, each point of Attack Power is equivalent to one Ranged Attack Power.

Each point of Critical Strike Rating grants you 0.04% Critical Strike Chance – 0.02% higher than what Agility grants you. With every Critical Strike, your damage is increased, so having this on the priority list is important.

Note: New to The Burning Crusade Classic, players will start to see a stat called Armor Penetration in later phases. As this stat becomes more commonly obtainable, it will become a stat to prioritize.


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