Moonfury’s TBC Classic Alliance Leveling Guide

moonfury's tbc classic alliance leveling guide burning crusade classic

Welcome to our TBC Classic Alliance Leveling Guide for Levels 58-70! The goal with this guide is to help you level quickly with little to no grinding, by focusing on questing in an efficient manner. Pay attention to what level you’re at as you go through the guide, and if you find you’re ahead of the curve, you can skip some of the quests that require you to wait for mobs to respawn!

Please note that although the guide begins at level 58, it will be much easier to pick up all the quests in the guide if you are level 59 or 60 before you begin the guide. If you are completing quests without killing any extra mobs, there may be points throughout the guide where you find that you cannot take a quest because you aren’t high enough level. This is because the guide is designed with optimal pathing in mind, and to do only the low level quests first would require much more backtracking. If you ever can’t take a quest the guide tells you to grab, your best bet is to usually to go do a dungeon. If you only need a bit more XP for that next level, it’s probably more efficient to grind mobs instead of doing an instance, or you can try to complete nearby quests and then go back for the one you missed. You can of course skip quests, but you should always try to grab them later, as they may be part of a longer chain that you’ll really want the XP from.

The guide is organized by zone, and there are suggested routes for picking up and completing quests for each zone. However, depending on the population of your server, you may find that you can’t kill all the stuff you need to simply because someone else got there and killed it all before you did. With that in mind, at the end of each zone in this guide there is information on dungeons and other ways to earn extra XP.

This guide is a work in progress — we will continue to update and optimize it, as well as add and improve sections. Suggestions are always welcome!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Quest helpers and coordinates add-ons will drastically improve your effectiveness while leveling up. Coordinates are added for most of the objectives. NPCs and quest objectives are linked to TBC database with location marked on the map.
  • You should always try to get back to a main city to train new skills anytime you ding an even level, once you reach a town with a flight path. You’ll be able to clear stuff much quicker with your new skills! If you’re at a spot where the directions say to hearthstone back somewhere, you can save your hearthstone and use it to return once you’ve finished training new skills.
  • The order you pick up quests matters! If there are multiple quest pickups, do them in the order listed, or you’ll be left wondering why you can’t pick some up.
  • To maximize XP gain in case you can’t complete quests (due to competition for the mobs), make sure you’re killing mobs as you travel from one point to another — you don’t need to stop and eat/drink every time, but if you’re full hp/mana, kill a mob by the road, then keep traveling.


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3 years ago

Phenomenal job on the guide! Incredibly thorough!

2 years ago

I’m up to the Netherstorm part (great job on the whole guide as a whole by the way) but I seem to have an issue with the quest ‘Assisting the Consortium) which the guide tells me to accept in the Inn in Area 52 but isn’t visible for me. I’m with Scryer and there seems to be nothing on the interwebs as to the pre-req for this apart from level (which I meet).

2 years ago

Thank you, it helped me a lot

3 years ago

It starts already super confusing and the absolute opposite of Concise and effective, is this person really really experienced ? I’d take a guide from the guys who group leveled on Sunstrider to 70 in like 28h divided by the 7 xp rate, they really know the game in depth, get a portal from a mage?? it takes litteraly 2 min exactly with a 100% mount to get to shattrath just go south west from honord hold trough the ravager’s den

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