tbc arms warrior rotation, cooldowns, & abilities
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: June 27, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

The first thing we want to make sure of is that we are maintaining our assigned Shout: Battle Shout or Commanding Shout. If you have been assigned to maintain Demoralizing Shout (If neither tank wants to use their shout, or you have only Paladin tanks in your raid/group) make sure you’re keeping that up.

Single-Target Rotation

It should be noted that the Arms Warrior’s Single-Target Rotation revolves around you watching your swing timer like a hawk, and using Slam instantly after your auto-attack. Slam resets your swing timer, so it’s very important to watch your timer and not lose any auto attacks by using Slam too early or too late. Because of this, I would recommend installing a Swing Timer addon – you can visit this link to download one from Curseforge.

  1. When mobs are at or below 20% health, Execute should always take priority for heavy damage.
  2. If rage permits, use Mortal Strike and have it remain on cooldown as much as you can. If rage doesn’t permit, use Slam, instead.
  3. If you used Mortal Strike, we’ll be using Slam next. If you used Slam instead, we’ll be using Mortal Strike next.
  4. We have two “rage dumping” abilities we can be using:
    1. Heroic Strike (Best time to use this is if you are over 60 rage)
    2. Whirlwind

AoE / Multi-Target Rotation

  1. We want to be using Sweeping Strikes and keeping it on cooldown to ensure the most mobs that CAN be hit, are actually being hit.
  2. We’ll want to use Whirlwind since it’ll strike multiple mobs, thanks to Sweeping Strikes.
  3. While Execute DOES require the target to be below 20% Health, it should be noted that this ability would take priority over the following three, in that circumstance.
  4. If you find yourself having enough rage for it, Cleave is also another ability that should be used in conjunction with Sweeping Strikes to allow you to hit multiple mobs.
  5. If everything else is on cooldown, or you don’t have enough rage for Cleave, we’d be using Slam now.
  6. Since you didn’t have enough rage to use Cleave, you wouldn’t generally have enough rage to use Mortal Strike, so after Slam, if you have enough rage, you can use Mortal Strike then.


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